Dehydration – How much water have you had today?

Dehydration is when the body does not have as much water as it needs. Symptoms of dehydration include feeling thirsty, dry mouth, lips and tongue dark yellow pee, dizziness or a headache. You can often treat dehydration by drinking more fluids or using re hydration treatments from the Chemist. From NHS UK I have gotContinue reading “Dehydration – How much water have you had today?”

So What Emotions go Where?

It has taken a lot of thought to work out the best way to show you what emotions go where. This topic is very in depth, diverging off into different angles and can get very confusing. That being so I have decided to guide you on the way, in a simplistic manor, to discover allContinue reading “So What Emotions go Where?”

Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine

Western and Eastern medicine refers to two different systems of medicine. Western medicine prescribes specific drugs for a disease. In contrast, Eastern medicine focuses on treating the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. (Medical News Today) The practice of medicine has evolved over time, and many people refer to these two distinctContinue reading “Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine”

Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View

A lot of me is panicking about starting this topic as it is very personal and very deep. I have begun with the Western side of medicine and thinking because I thought there would not be to much to say. I was wrong. In the western world we are very lucky to have medicine thatContinue reading “Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View”

Does being Highly Sensitive make us Hypochondriacs? No

Lead in Story The other day I had an appointment with Dr. John Brazier – Kore Therapy. I have been going to him for years and has helped me a lot with both mind and body. Having not seen him for 3 months or so I sat there and reeled off all the ailments IContinue reading “Does being Highly Sensitive make us Hypochondriacs? No”

Highly Sensitive Person – How to Cope………..

When you read self help articles they are always bright and breezy, all about doing this or trying that and you will be fine, life is not like that. Well in my world anyway. I am going to admit that I don’t cope very well with this high sensitivity and the silly thing is thatContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Person – How to Cope………..”

More on the Emotion of The Points

Emotional Freedom Technique is so called because it works on the emotions by releasing the initial block of energy within you. To understand why you tap on these chosen points it is good to understand the emotion behind the points as it were and why it works. Below I have done a presentation to showContinue reading “More on the Emotion of The Points”

Why Tapping Works

How to explain the meridians? Meridians are the internal energy pathways that run through our physical body. They are not like our arteries, veins and the lymphatic system but are pure energy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine these meridians allow the flow of the energy qi or chi, in effect the life force, to runContinue reading “Why Tapping Works”