Tapping 4 U
A healer does not heal you
a healer is someone who holds space for you
while you awaken your own inner healer
so that you can heal yourself.  

My name is Sally; I am a retired teaching assistant with hobbies of embroidery, card making, gardening and walking my sons dog ‘Stephen’.

I seem to have suffered with anxiety all my life. Consequently I have done a lot of research on anxiety and self-help. I now have a terrific tool box to deal with my anxieties and fears such as Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and best of all EFT (emotional freedom technique) all of which I wish to share with you.. I am now a qualified therapist in these fields wanting to help people learn to help themselves and gain back confidence in their lives. Tapping 4 U not only provides information regarding Tapping but is here to give you hints and tips on how to build up your own toolbox to handle your anxieties, worries and their symptoms.

Anxiety can be defined as the anticipation of a future threat. Fear is defined by a well defined threat.

Anxiety is can also be brought on by medical conditions so it would be a good idea to check into any of these.


Hyperventilate Vitamin or mineral deficiency like B12 /Vit D.

Food sensitivities



Thyroid problems

These are just a selection. I am only writing from experience and am not medically trained so you must take full responsibility for your own health.

We have all got the fight and flight response within us, in built for our safety. The good old Amygdala, the part of our brain so responsible for stress, tension, anxiety, fear and more, senses something wrong and goes into action to activate our body to be able to get to safety. As the Amygdala is so helpful he retains the memory of this perceived threat, all be it little or large and re enacts the situation if ever something similar happens in the future. So for example, you fell off a swing when you were young, the amygdala remembers the incident and this will explain why you feel anxious or stressed about getting on a swing in the future.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the most common threat is a PSYCHOLOGICAL THREAT.

Going on from this our anxiety/stress can also be caused by personality traits.

Being a Highly Sensitive person ( more on this topic later on) almost always goes hand hand in hand with anxious feelings.

Some people put a lot of pressure on themselves because of their need for approval or perfectionism.

Again some people like to be in control so put pressure on themselves to get everything done themselves without help.

I am afraid I am going to say it the our anxiety of today could be because of experiences of our childhood whether they are happy or sad.

Anxiety and stress can do damage to our minds, body and health so we all need that toolbox to help us enjoy our lives instead of fighting everyday.

Boris before Election. I’m not sure why I chose Boris but he is a good example of someone who has lived with a lot of stress over the last 2 years or so. with more to come.

How To Tap

Tapping is a very strong tool to have in your toolbox. I have shown the position of the points below with a description of the meridian you will be tapping on.

So what are meridians? Meridians are the internal energy pathways that run through our physical body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine these meridians allow the flow of the energy qi or chi, in effect the life force. Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical system that has been around for thousands of years. It is used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. It is based in the belief that qi, the body’s vital energy that flows along our meridian channels in the body. Qi keeps a persons spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health in balance. TCM aims to restore the body’s balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang which can block qi and cause illness. It is considered that illness occurs when the flow of qi is hindered. This hindrance is considered as a blockage of which must be removed to restore the body to health. So by tapping on the specific acupoints on certain meridians we unblock the flow of qi and restore harmony. See how the meridians are placed in the body below







Highly Sensitive






Also here are the points used in tapping and what they do:-

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Try the link below for more info on Tapping https://www.healthline.com/health/eft-tapping

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If you change the breath, change the rhythm,

you can change the emotion.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I have given a short description above on how the Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the body’s energy meridians. Now I am putting forward scientific evidence for those that find bodily energy hard to go for. Albert Einstein proved that everything in the universe is energy. Have you ever thought what it means practically? It means that any problem you experience in your life is energy related.

Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear and more) are low vibrational energies. We accumulate these energies in our body since our birth. These bad energies are responsible for our problems in life and blocks our further success. Like all living systems, your body is a unified collection of energy fields. If you alter the quality of these fields then you can change the way the way your body functions and your life also.

We have heard over the years how stress is a killer. Well, it is really not the stress in and of itself that will kill you, it is the way you choose to process the stress that could hurt you or make you ill. The body in essence is a mirror of our inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Every single cell in your body has it’s own intelligence and is able to listen to what you are thinking and what you are expressing emotionally – in reality your cells and body respond to every thought you think, every emotion you have and every word you speak. Reptitive modes of thinking and suppressing negative feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, depression and hatred can and will manifest as dis-ease in the body. Literally, your suppressed emotions become like ticking bombs waiting for the perfect conditions to detonate and manifest in illness.

Holistic energy therapies are surprisingly effective method to get rid of bad feelings, to increase the energy within us and to preserve the momentum in any area of our lives. In this way we can move on and live a more successful and happier life.

To contact please email chilton.sally@yahoo.com


All these thoughts

Over thinking drives me nuts especially at three in the morning. Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary ‘to think about something too much, in a way that is not useful.’ So true. We all do this – overthink. It is down to our little friend the Amygdala. It sits there working hard at keeping us safe. It sends out thoughts and ideas until we are overwhelmed by them causing anxiety. I am not a medical person so have found this link for you to find out more about the amygdala and anxiety.


There is also a very good book by Prof. Steve Peters The Chimp Paradox. Very helpful in understanding why you get so wound up by overthinking. For myself I think overthinking it is the base line of many anxious feelings.

https://pin.it/4UCPdWO More info about the amygdala from good old Pinterest.

I have also got a tapping sequence for when your little friend is winding you up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Hope it works for you. You must take full responsibility for your own well being if you choose to use tapping.

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To Calm The Thoughts

Using the Karate Chop, tapping on side of hand

Even though my amygdala is working so hard to help me – I truly love and accept myself.

Even though my amygdala is sending out so many thoughts, so many ideas – I truly love and accept myself.

Even though my amygdala is trying so hard to save me – I truly love and accept myself.

EB – All these thoughts

SE – So many thoughts

UE – All these emotions

UN – Flashing through my mind

UM – Popping out from nowhere

CB – Again and again and again

UA – Going round in circles

TOH – Never stopping

EB – These thoughts give me a headache

SE – They  keep me awake

UE – All these thoughts

UN – It is time to rest

UM – Thank you amygdala but I need to rest

CB – I need to let the thoughts go

UA – Let them go

TOH – I need to rest

EB –  You are safe

SE – I am safe

UE – We are safe

UN – It’s time to rest

UM – Time to let the thoughts go

CB –  Let all the thoughts go

UA – Letting them go

TOH – Rest – rest – rest

As well as using EFT for dealing with negative emotions and self healing there is also ACUPRESSURE.

Acupressure is related to Acupuncture but uses the fingertips instead of needles. Both stimulate the meridians (body energy flow) at certain points around the body called acupoints. The techniques do date back thousands of years and are used in traditional Chinese Medicine. The acupoints are found all over the body, close to the surface of the skin. Each point works on their own individual organ or body systems i.e lungs. So when you press or massage a certain point this stimulates the meridian to respond to change the emotional or physical state.

(Inspired by Acupressure: Simple Steps to Health by Jacqueline Young.

A great book for learning the art of self healing.)

So below are a few acupoints to calm the mind to work with EFT

This information is given to you freely but you must take responsibility for your own health. If in doubt ask a medical practitioner.

Pictures originate from http://www.AcupunctureProducts.com

As well as Tapping and Acupressure there is a Bach Flower remedy that calms the never ending thoughts allowing a little bit of peace. White Chestnut is the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us relaxing. Use White Chestnut for worrying, repetitive thoughts. Place a few drops in a glass of water and sip continuously throughout the day and soon the thoughts will be quietly calmer. Holland and Barrett stock it http://www.hollandandbarrett.com or try online at http://www.bachcentre.com or http://www.baldwins.co.uk

Any questions please email chilton.sally@yahoo.com

This information is given to you freely but you must take responsibility for your own health. If in doubt ask a medical practitioner.


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Water is considered a vital conductor of energy such as the body’s meridians and other body energy systems. When the body is dehydrated it is very difficult for energy based therapies such as Acupuncture, Acupressure or Tapping to work. The body cannot take full advantage of the treatments so always drink water before, during and after treatment.

Emotions effect the membranes of all cells

http://www.heckardchiropractic.com › hydration-iwater
http://Dehydration – NHSwww.nhs.uk › conditions › dehydration

You can feel anxious when dehydrated. Emotions affect the membranes of all cells in the body so if the emotions aren’t synthesized and harmonized through the action of water it will drastically affect the transport of materials across all cell membranes. Water is associated with Joy and the acceptance of joy in ones life.


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To see how else dehydration affects us well our skin and emotions please click on following link. hydration-water”>http://www.heckardchiropractic.com>hydration-water


I love my comfort zone. Its the place where I can feel safe, relaxed and YES confident. I freely admit it’s not very big but it’s mine. The problem is the real world creeps in small ways or big. So when things like journeys by car, bus, train and worst of all planes arrive on the scene ‘what if’s’ set in. Our little friend the amygdala is going to have a field day.

Anticipatory Anxiety. We all suffer a bit of this like worry before exams, trip to the dentist, driving test, doctors appointment and more. Most people take these events in their day to day stride but many people don’t. Just doing the simplest thing can cause a lot of anxiety. The idea of moving outside the comfort zone can be traumatic to the point of avoidance. It’s easier not to go to the meeting, party or holiday whatever so you can stay in your comfort zone. No fear, anxiety or stress. Below is a link to an article from The Guardian.com by Melody Wilding. Just someones experience of life outside the comfort zone.


Here is an article from Psychology Today. It sets out how we build up anticipatory anxiety throughout the years. Click link below.


I hope the links above were interesting but the one thing they haven’t mentioned is EFT. I myself am going through a period of anticipatory anxiety due to the fact I’m flying out to Thailand. I am not a good flyer. Didn’t get on a plane til I was 60!

I could feel the anxiety creeping in so have decided to release it using a couple of tapping rounds from Brad Yates who is known for his creative use of Emotional Freedom Technique. You can find him tapping away on You Tube covering every topic possible. This one is really helping. Just remember to focus on how you are feeling when you tap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2OVhTYPR-U

Hyperventilation is a big whammy for those with anxiety. Here I must state that hyperventilation can be a medical problem but can be dealt with by self help at home You must take full responsibility for your own health. In doubt please consult a doctor. Below are a couple of links that gives you full information about hyperventilation.

Question: Does anxiety cause hyperventilation or does hyperventilation cause anxiety?

My answer is yes to the latter in my case. In my own personal experience it can make anxiety so much worse without you realizing you are actually hyperventilating.



Personally I am prone to hyperventilating at a drop of a hat, all because of bad breathing, forgetting to breath, over breathing and also food reactions.Over the years I have mistaken the sensations of hyperventilation as anxiety, insanity, fear……

I cant remember why I had a light bulb moment but I suddenly realized what was going on. This sensation in my inner core, feeling wound up, tight throat, anxiety and fear was my fault by bad breathing causing my blood to be out of sync. Hyperventilation is caused by, as I said, bad breathing causing the blood to have too much oxygen and a lack of carbon di oxide causing the sensations of shortness of breath etc. Our reaction is to breath deeply but in reality the first reaction should be to BREATH OUT.

As stated in the links above it is important to regain the balance between oxygen and carbon di oxide. I am sure everyone has heard of breathing into the paper bag but also cupped hand over the nose and mouth. You are re breathing your breath which holds the carbon di oxide you are exhaling. This regains calm.

My first source of regaining calm was/is Bach flower Remedy Vervain. This flower remedy is for over enthusiasm. This has helped me through so very many scary anxious moments.

Bach Original Flower Remedies Vervain 20ml | Holland & Barrett

I now know that my anxiety is exasperated by my hyperventilation or visa versa my hyperventilation is the cause of my anxiety. I find this in its self very reassuring. So at night when my amygdala is winding me up I use cupped hands and/or Bach Rescue Remedy.

I’m stopping for awhile as as always I hyperventilate when working on a computer ( over enthusiasm). Also got a headache so going to get a drink of water. More info to come.

  1. Hyperventilation is a condition where you where you breath very fast – overbreathing.
  2. When Hyperventilating you upset the balance between breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon di oxide.
  3. Low carbon di oxide leads to narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.
  4. Some people hyperventilate rarely, generally to a panicked response, stress or fear.
  5. In others the condition occurs as a response to emotional states such as anxiety or anger.
  6. If hyperventilation occurs regularly it is called Hyperventilation Syndrome.
  7. Hyperventilation can be a serious issue. Seek medical help if your first attack or serious trouble breathing.
  8. The above taken from http://www.healthline.com/health/hyperventilation
  9. Hyperventilation means moving more air through the chest so that the body can deal with a normal reaction to sudden danger or excitement.
  10. Over breathing can become a habit as a response to prolonged stress or tension.
  11. CO2 is a powerful governor of many of the body’s systems as well as blood flow to the brain.
  12. The body becomes more alkaline and the nerve cells are the first to respond to this. Dizziness, tingling or numbness are often first signs.
  13. The nervous system is affected, low co2 stimulates the sympathetic nervous system overriding to parasympathetic , putting the body on constant alert.
  14. Lactic acid may be produced to balance PH levels. Muscles will ache.
  15. Exhaustion and chronic tiredness follows with feelings of physical and mental depression, typical in cases of long term hyperventilation.
  16. Muscle cells become more twitchy, gut tightens, increase release of histamines aggravating allergic response.
  17. Heart pounds, panic sets in, over breathing – hyperventilation enforced.
  18. Points 9-17 taken from Self help for Hyperventilation Syndrome by Dinah Bradley. A very helpful book. Well worth a read if you are a over breather.

Homecare – Acupressure and EFT

Hyperventilation can be a serious issue and should be taken very seriously. Seek medical help if worried. You must take responsibility for your own health if you home care. As mentioned before breathing into a paper bag for a few minuets or cupped hands helps. Diaphragm breathing (abdomen breathing. Retraining the breath. Have to say Nick Ortner from The Tapping Solution.com has done a very good tapping script for the lungs. there is also one for constricted breathing. (Not linked to the corona virus) It is on the tapping solution app (the app is free but to use a lot of the meditations you have to upgrade).


Tapping works well to calm hyperventilation. Doing a sequence of tapping is calming in it’s own right but also while you are doing the mechanics of the tapping sequence your mind is diverted away from the symptoms felt whilst hyperventilating. Here is a script from Brad Yates. He is a well known EFT practitioner and is on You Tube with many other topics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfftfkVqw4Q

I have also written a script which I use when realising I am breathing badly.

Tapping Script for Constricted Breathing

Really focus on your symptoms while you tap around the sequences. Feel what you are tapping on and then you will feel the relaxation coming on.

Repeat as many times as you need.

  Please check with your doctor if you are worried about your

symptoms. Hyperventilation is a medical problem. Click the links at the beginning of this article for more info on this topic.

To begin tap on the side of the hand (karate chop) whilst repeating the setup statement focusing on the emotion in hand. Start the tapping sequences at the corner of the eyebrow near the bridge of the nose, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under mouth, collarbone, under arm and top of the head. Feel free to change the script to work with your own particular symptoms.

Set Up statement

Even though I am hyperventilating because I am breathing badly I truly love and accept how I feel

Even though I have constricted breathing in my chest area I truly love and accept myself

Even though I am hyperventilating because of breathing badly I truly love and accept myself

EB           Constricted breathing

SE           I feel it in my chest

UE          This tightness in my throat

UN         This constricted breathing

UM        Breath feels tight

CB          This constricted breathing

UA          In my chest area

TOH       In my throat

EB           Feeling anxious

SE           Feeling really anxious

UE          Heart is pumping

UN         Breathing badly

UM        I can relax these feelings

CB          I can release the tightness

UA          I can calm the heart

TOH       I can calm the breath

EB           Opening my throat

SE           Releasing the tightness

UE          Loosening the constriction in my chest

UN         Calming the heart

UM        Breathing slowly

CB          Breathing out deeply

UA          Relaxing

TOH       Relaxing

To work alongside the tapping script above I have put together a table with the acupressure points I have researched and used for my hyperventilation. As with tapping you must focus on your sensations while you press each acupoint. Sitting quietly, working gently while your constricted breathing eases. So for example do around on acupressure especially the CV17, then a round or two of tapping and focus on seeing how your are feeling, if still a bit constricted repeat.

Again you must take responsibility for your own health. If in doubt see a medical practitioner.

I have just found this link in my bookmarks. More points for calming anxiety. http://evolveacupuncture.ca/acupressure-points-for-calming-the-mind-and-reducing-stress-and-anxiety/

Retraining the way we breath.

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing or in simple terms abdominal breathing. This type of breathing is very important to healing, dealing or living with Hyperventilation. It is essentially breathing into your belly button or below but as I am not qualified in this field, only from experience I have linked you you to Health line. https://www.healthline.com/health/diaphragmatic-breathing
  2. There are many Therapists that can help you retrain your breath Buteyko Breathing is one. https://www.buteyko.co.uk/what-is-buteyko/. I personally haven’t tried this.
  3. Self Help for Hyperventilation syndrome. – a very interesting and helpful read.
  4. Gut Instinct by Pierre Pallardy is a very good book. You will be amazed at how breathing correctly can improve your life.
  5. Stig Avall Severinson Breathology https://www.breatheology.com/ Recommended of Facebook

Any questions please email chilton.sally@yahoo.com

Helping our Immune System.

At this time of worry and stress we need to support our body. I have put together a acupressure routine to be done morning and night to boost the immune system and help body to fight against colds and flu.

You must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to use these acupressure points.

The Elimination Diet

Remove anger, worry, resentment, guilt, sadness and negativity

then watch your health and life improve. – Charles F. Glassman

So to start on removing our negative emotions we must have enthusiasm to start with.

Apathy – lack of interest, or the attitude of not caring resulting from it. To lift apathy I have got an EFT script for you. Hope it helps.


Even though my apathy makes me feel like I can’t be bothered to do anything, I love myself and accept how I feel.

Even though I feel apathetic and can’t be bothered to do anything I love myself and accept how I feel.

Even though this feeling of can’t be bothered is affecting all areas of my life. I love myself and accept how I feel.

EB Can’t be bothered

SE What’s the point

UE All those things I should be doing

UN No one cares

UM No one will notice

Chin Who will be botheed

CB I can’t be bothered

UA No enthusiasm

TOH It all makes me feel sad

EB Can’t be bothered

SE Makes me feel sad

UE Being apathetic

UN Makes me so negative

UM No getting anything done

Chin Not getting anything done

CB Can’t be bothered

TOH Holding myself back

EB Wasting my skills

SE So negative

UE Who wants them?

UN Bored

Chin Not good enough

CB I’m blocking myself

UA Blocking all enthusiasm

TOH Holding myself back

EB Perhaps I am hiding behind this apathy

SE Hiding behind this sadness

UE Hiding behind this negativity

UN Hiding from decisions

UM The decision to move forward

Chin Step out from behind the apathy

CB Be the person you are scared to be

UA Hiding behind apathy

TOH Time to be doing

EB I give myself permission to believe I can change this

SE I give myself permission to be more positive

UE I give myself permission to give myself a kick up the a**e to get on with it

UN I give myself permission to release the sadness

UM I give myself permission to release the fear

Chin Releasing the all the negativity

CB I give myself permission to decide my future

UA No more hiding

TOH No more apathy.


Sadness is an all pervading emotion so deep it changes your world. I’m not talking grief or depression but about sadness that arrives at your door for no reason and stays unasked. You wake up sad, it can be so painful, it is there for the rest of the day, deep and dark, and you have no idea why you feel so sad.

You can beat it. You can chase it away.

If you wish to use any of the following advice you must take full responsibility for your own health. If in doubt consult a medical professional.

The number one method of easing your sadness is Mustard, a Bach Flower Remedy. Bach Flower Remedies were brought to light by Edward Bach. His believe was ‘Treat the patient , not the disease’ Bach flower Remedies gently treat the emotion. ‘In the Mustard negative state, black depression descends like a dark cloud’ It helps when out of the blue sadness arrives. All you have to do is put a few drops into a glass of water and sip regularly or place a few drops under the tongue when required. Please do not expect instant release, it takes time. It comes as a surprise when you suddenly realize that the sadness has lifted. Keep Mustard in your toolbox and remember it is there when sadness comes to visit again.

Bach Flower Remedies can found online. You must make sure they are the original as above. Holland and Barrett run all the 38 Flower Remedies.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years so that is a big point in their favor. Proves they work. They work well with emotions and can help Sadness.

I have used the following oils to lift my mood. With Self help the secret is you have to attack the sadness early. In general life that isn’t so easy because you are so busy asking yourself why you feel this way and forget that you actually know how to deal with it. The oils are light and uplifting can used in a diffuser, bath or just a few drops on a hanky or tissue tucked up your sleeve, for you to inhale when wanted. Do not put essential oils directly onto your skin always use a carrier oil like almond oil.


Clary Sage





Orange Sweet and this one Benzoin. This is a great up-lifter but doesn’t have the best of aromas. I found out how how good it makes you feel by buying to make a mix for a lady with skin problems around her fingers. Just out of interest I smelt it and a few minutes later I felt really good. Does work.

Give oils a go and find your own recipe for lifting the mood.

To contact please email chilton.sally@yahoo.com


Resentment !!!!!!!

Ranklement, bitterness, bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly, anger, ill will, displeasure.

Poisoned Mind – Poisoned Body

Living with resentment is like taking poison expecting the other guy to get sick. This means you are the one that suffers.

Wikipedia – Resentment is a complex, multilayered emotion that has been described as a mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger and fear – unfairness. It is a generalized defense against a perceived unfair situation.

Resentment is a terrible emotion and one most of us don’t realise that we are carrying it around. This emotion is a draining resource creating stress and overwhelming any positive emotion. It can result from situations involving a perceived wrong doing from an individual or feeling used, taken advantage of, your achievements go unrecognised, emotional rejection or denial from another person or deliberate belittling or embarrassment by another person. The list could go on.

Resentment could also be bout holding onto past grievances or holding a grudge.

Resentment has a strong component of SELF PUNISHMENT – we mistreat or distrust others as pay back for the perceived grievance but we are actually hurting ourselves. Resentment can be self diagnosed by looking for signs of faking happiness, dejection, sadness, dull ache inside, unhappy, anger, disturbed sleep and resentment shows in every line of the the face. Resentment is also a relationship destroyer be it friend or partner.

Life is short, time spent feeling angry or resentful about things that happened or didn’t happen is time squandered. Approach this emotion as an addictive state of mind – overthinking. Using resentment to get back at whoever is only punishing yourself. Acknowledge you cannot control the person who you perceived to have wronged. Forgive. Resentment isn’t only about big issues it can also be about little niggly things around the house like clothes dropped on the floor, not doing the washing up, playing to much golf, watching television for too long. The list is endless.

One must remeber the person has every right to do what they want to do, its’ their life. IT IS HOW WE PERCEIVE THE ACTION THAT CAUSES THE PROBLEM.

Definition of percieve

  1. “become aware or concious of. come to realise or understand


What we need to learn is to not react. Is it important. Very easy to say I know but it works.

Releasing resentment is very difficult as it is so multifaceted. I am working on a tapping script but if you need help now Brad Yates has a script at this locationhttps://www.google.com/search?q=brad+yates+resentment&rlz=1C1CAFA_enGB655GB655&oq=brad+&aqs=chrome.3.69i59l2j69i57j35i39j46i433j69i61l3.6333j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

and Nick Ortner at the tapping solution can help. https://www.thetappingsolution.com/blog/free-releasing-resentment-tapping-meditation/

Releasing Resentment

In this script we are using Telling a story– having a rant – releasing the stored emotion using the method described below. Inspired by EFT Universe

How to Tell the Story

A.  It’s best to Tell the Story out loud.  That tends to bring the story more to life and helps to bring the important issues to the surface.  You can tell it to a mirror, a friend, a wall or talk to an imaginary friend (smile).

B. Start at a neutral point when there is nothing to be concerned about. An example might be having lunch with a friend just before having, let’s say, a car accident. This tends to ease you into the experience.

C. Most importantly, you must STOP telling the story when you feel any intensity whatsoever and tap on the emotion separately to release it.

D. At each stopping point, use the EFT Basic Recipe to address that intensity and, once released, continue the story to the next intense moment.

Stopping is critical to the success of this procedure. Most people are conditioned by conventional techniques to “be courageous” and to “feel the feelings” and to “be brave and gut through it.” Thus, if you don’t stop when intensity arises, you are likely to go right by an important healing opportunity. So, to repeat…

…if you don’t stop,
you have missed a healing opportunity!

You are looking for Aspects (different facets of the main emotion)  here and this process often brings them to the surface without your having to dig. How perfect! Remember, we are looking for thoroughness so we want to “tap down” every ounce of the intensity involved.

Please recognize that each stopping point is an Aspect of the story and each such Aspect should be addressed as though it was a separate event.  So, in the interest of being specific, you want to target one emotional crescendo, (Aspect) at a time with the Basic Recipe.  So, for each emotional crescendo (Aspect)….

A. Estimate a 0-10 intensity rating on this part of the story.

B. Keeping in mind the “accident example” from the Finding Aspects article, design your Setup and Reminder Phrases to target the part of this emotional crescendo that caused the intensity (note that the emotion involved is mentioned in the Setup phrase. For example:

“Even though I was furious when she said that to me…”

“Even though I cringed with fear when I saw that horrible thing…”

“Even though I felt guilty when that cop was chasing me…”

“Even though I was really angry about that…”

C. Use the EFT Basic Recipe and keep evaluating intensity before and after each round until the intensity is down to zero or a low tolerable level.

D. Each emotional crescendo might have a few Aspects of its own, so once you use the EFT Basic Recipe on the most obvious one, go through that part of the story again to see if there is still intensity. If so, repeat the step above.

E. Once the intensity has been released from that crescendo, resume the story and look for another stopping point. Also, be aware of your possible tendency, while telling your stories, to jump ahead to the most intense crescendo(s). You know what is coming in your story, of course, and thus you will often access the emotions before actually getting to that place in the story. Just treat this intensity as you would any other stopping point.

F. Once you have tapped through all the intense moments of the story then start from the beginning, Tell the Story again, and stop for any intensities that may arise. Don’t be surprised if there is still more to address … just be as thorough as you can.

G. Repeat this process until you can tell the story nonchalantly … like it was a shopping trip. This should collapse all or most of the Aspects.  For good measure, Tell the Story tomorrow morning or next week to see if anything is left.  Sometimes, letting time go by will bring up remnants (Aspects).  If so, repeat the process until you achieve a more thorough success.

Tapping Script for Resentment

Focus on the strength of your resentment and begin to tap on the karate chop (side of hand).

Even though I feel so much resentment I respect how I feel

Even though I have so much resentment held inside I I accept how I feel

Especially because this resentment is eating me up I will love myself and respect how I feel

EB           All this resentment

SE           Filled with negative emotions

UE          So much anger

UN         So much bitterness

UM        So much sadness

CB           So much resentment at being made to feel like this

UA          It is so unfair.

TOH       Making my world black

EB           I am shocked at the depth of my resentment

SE           I hate feeling resentful

UE          Another negative emotion

UN         I feel this resentment in my body

UM        It feels unfair the way things happen

CB           It shouldn’t be like this.

UA          So much resentment

TOH       So much sadness

Example of Telling the Story

EB           I was treated so badly

SE           It was so unfair

UE          All my hard work

UN         Destroyed

UM        Not wanted

CB          Wish I knew what I had done wrong

TOH       So much pain

EB           So much resentment

SE           Making my world black

UE          From being a major part of a team I was cast aside and I have no idea why

UN         It is years now but the resentment is still there and I know it is time to release it

UM        Release the anger and the low self-esteem caused by being dumped

CB           I am so angry – tap on releasing anger

TOH       So much bitterness – tap on bitterness

And so it goes on. Keep going until you feel relief.

Now tapping on the positive

EB           It feels safe to release this resentment

SE           It is ok to let it go

UE          I am releasing my resentment

UN         Moving on         

UM        Releasing the resentment that has been holding me back

CB           Letting resentment go

TOH       I’m ready to be free.

Bach Flower Remedy Willow is good for releasing Resentment. A few drops in some water and sip throughout the day. It is not instant relieve but it works

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