Releasing Anger and Resentment using Emotional Freedom Technique

Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear and more) are low vibrational energies. We accumulate these energies in our body since our birth. These bad energies are responsible for our problems in life and blocks our further success. Like all living systems, your body is a unified collection of energy fields.Continue reading “Releasing Anger and Resentment using Emotional Freedom Technique”

Releasing Anger and or Resentment

From learning how to control our anger or resentment I am now going to share with you ways of releasing these very strong emotions. But before I do that I need to tell you of two emergency tips to have to hand. Firstly is Bach Rescue Remedy. I carry this with me wherever I go.Continue reading “Releasing Anger and or Resentment”

Releasing Anger and/or Resentment.

Heal Thyself DEALING WITH ANGER The holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity of all things and the utter uniqueness of every system contained within it. Mechthild Scheffer – Bach Flower Therapy If this uniqueness is marred by excess emotional activity, energy imbalances, blockages, bodily symptoms canContinue reading “Releasing Anger and/or Resentment.”