The Inner Child is seen as as echo of who we once were……

The Inner Child – is the suggestion that inside us is an inner child holding us back? Whenever I start feeling me it seems a hand is there pulling me back ad a voice saying no! Is that the inner child doing that or just my childhood experiences? Inner Child – Wikipedia – What doesContinue reading “The Inner Child is seen as as echo of who we once were……”

Things Could Be Worse

Its been a hard month what with the loosing the dog and so much illness within the family. Nothing serious but one bug after another bringing everyone down. To put it bluntly I was in the middle of a ‘PITY PARTY’. Then I watched the news last night and saw the devastation and suffering thatContinue reading “Things Could Be Worse”

Who would have Thought a Smile Could Do So Much.

Re vamped a post from Feb 22. January is just finishing with February following fast. They are two of the most longest, miserable months of the year. I checked out this blog from a year ago and felt it was very applicable to where we are at at the moment. It tells us how smilingContinue reading “Who would have Thought a Smile Could Do So Much.”

I have This Really Old Hurt – Brad Yates

Because I have been on the topic of stored emotions I contacted Brad Yates in America asking permission to share this tapping script with you and he said yes. It comes from his book THE EFT WIZARDS BIG BOOK OF TAPPING SCRIPTS. 101 life enhancing, fear smashing, mind/body healing, abundance-attracting and joy inspiring rounds ofContinue reading “I have This Really Old Hurt – Brad Yates”

So What Emotions go Where?

It has taken a lot of thought to work out the best way to show you what emotions go where. This topic is very in depth, diverging off into different angles and can get very confusing. That being so I have decided to guide you on the way, in a simplistic manor, to discover allContinue reading “So What Emotions go Where?”

Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine

Western and Eastern medicine refers to two different systems of medicine. Western medicine prescribes specific drugs for a disease. In contrast, Eastern medicine focuses on treating the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. (Medical News Today) The practice of medicine has evolved over time, and many people refer to these two distinctContinue reading “Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine”

Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View

A lot of me is panicking about starting this topic as it is very personal and very deep. I have begun with the Western side of medicine and thinking because I thought there would not be to much to say. I was wrong. In the western world we are very lucky to have medicine thatContinue reading “Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View”

Highly Sensitive and Emotional Neglect

Hi I have just been going through my reading list and I came across a couple of articles that may help us deal with all the different angles of being a Highly Sensitive Person. The first comes from The Highly Sensitive Refuge – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON GROWS UP WITH EMOTIONAL NEGLECT.Continue reading “Highly Sensitive and Emotional Neglect”