Do We Adults Behave Like Toddlers?

I could be showing my age here but I remember a brilliant advert on television where Mum and the toddler are shopping and the toddler is throwing an I’m not getting my own way tantrum. What does mum do – try to calm the child etc, etc, no she is there on the floor throwingContinue reading “Do We Adults Behave Like Toddlers?”

Emotional Freedom or Freedom from Emotion

The quote above explains in those few words exactly what emotional Freedom is. I covered this topic in my course work and I think I came up with an answer like ‘Emotional Freedom means being free of negative emotions. Example – If someone or something could wind you up you don’t let it.’ From TypeContinue reading “Emotional Freedom or Freedom from Emotion”

Anger/ Resentment – Eastern Style – Release Chagrin, infuriation, resentment, acrimony, animosity, antagonism, exasperation, indignation, hatred and outrage.

I have worked on resentment in the last post and feel I should also mention Anger because they intertwine with each other. Read on and find ways of healing yourself by clicking on the links below. As usual if choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibilty for your own health. DefinitionsContinue reading “Anger/ Resentment – Eastern Style – Release Chagrin, infuriation, resentment, acrimony, animosity, antagonism, exasperation, indignation, hatred and outrage.”

Resentment – Letting it Go -Understand and Release.

Releasing resentment is very difficult as it is so multifaceted involving so many emotions and as usual only you can help yourself. What is the root cause of resentment. There is no one reason for the cause of resentment, but it is mostly originates because of a feeling of being mistreated or wronged by aContinue reading “Resentment – Letting it Go -Understand and Release.”

Am I Full of Resentment?

Ranklement, bitterness, indignation at having been treated unfairly, anger, ill will, displeasure, outrage, umbrage, pique, malice, hurt, wrath and vexation Vicki Tidwell Palmer Resentment is a terrible emotion and one most of us don’t realise that we are carrying it around. This emotion is a draining resource creating stress and overwhelming any positive emotion. ItContinue reading “Am I Full of Resentment?”

How Sensitive Is Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

I have put this post on from Highly Sensitive Refuge because it links in with the work we did earlier on HSP. Someof the 16 types almost always test as highly sensitive people, while others almost never do. You might be surprised to find out which is which. — Read on Link to previousContinue reading “How Sensitive Is Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type?”

Dehydration – How much water have you had today?

Dehydration is when the body does not have as much water as it needs. Symptoms of dehydration include feeling thirsty, dry mouth, lips and tongue dark yellow pee, dizziness or a headache. You can often treat dehydration by drinking more fluids or using re hydration treatments from the Chemist. From NHS UK I have gotContinue reading “Dehydration – How much water have you had today?”

Seasonal Affective Disorder – NOT just for Winter!

Image by BG Independent News I have been working with negativity and low mood and I was researching why people feel so down when it is actually the time of year when the sap is rising and we should feel springier in our step, but we don’t. Why was spring a bad mood time? IContinue reading “Seasonal Affective Disorder – NOT just for Winter!”

What’s in a loo roll?

Have you ever wondered why you have that irritating itch in the parts we don’t mention, especially highly sensitive people. Have a read …………. Article from How products are made Forum. Background Most of us can’t imagine living without toilet paper. The average American uses over 100 single rolls—about 21,000 sheets—each year. It’s used notContinue reading “What’s in a loo roll?”