Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain

Below is me putting theory’s together so if you work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health. While researching releasing pain I came across a Dr. John Sarno, not personally but through the Tapping Solution App. I was listening to one of their meditations, it was a revelation. Dr. JohnContinue reading “Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain”

How to drag yourself up after being dragged down

There is actually quite a lot on the internet about being dragged down by others and I will put links to some of the articles at the end of this blog. Everyone will have different experiences as to how they get demoralized and upset. As I have asked for other peoples experiences of being broughtContinue reading “How to drag yourself up after being dragged down”

You’re Not Broken – Resistance cntd.

Unlock the blocks I am sure a lot of us are trying really hard to find ways of healing ourselves. My journey is to stop the permanent ache of sadness and negativity. Others are trying to give up a habit, or trying to work with the Law Of Attraction only to find nothing ever works.Continue reading “You’re Not Broken – Resistance cntd.”

I Have Been Resisting This One – Resistance

This is so hard, trying to find a way of describing our natural bodily/mental bias to resistance. Resistance is the reason why we don’t move on because our bodily systems stops us because it doesn’t feel safe. Resistance The refusal to accept or comply with something A force that acts to stop progress of somethingContinue reading “I Have Been Resisting This One – Resistance”

Releasing the Negativity Around You

Einstein states everything is energy. Our thoughts are are energy be it negative or positive. What we think we become. You may not know it but our own negativity thoughts, all our complaining, nagging, all our negative comments and actions we give out negative energy around us. visa versa we can pick up negative energyContinue reading “Releasing the Negativity Around You”

Amazing Information about our Thoughts Negative or Otherwise

I really do hope I can link to this video from a Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Doctor of Chiropractic. His post graduate training includes the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. As a researcher, lecturer, author,Continue reading “Amazing Information about our Thoughts Negative or Otherwise”

You Live and Learn a little Everyday!

Still working with negativity and low mood I was researching why I felt so crap (sorry but the word really explains how I feel). It came to me through my deliberations that the way I feel isn’t new. Let me firstly point out it is the 26th March and the first day of spring hasContinue reading “You Live and Learn a little Everyday!”

Not Just for Christmas

Bach Flower Remedy – Holly Why is it you forget the good things and always remember the bad. A quirk of human nature I suppose or just being perverse. Fortunately for me I remembered Bach Flower Remedies. Wonderful little bottles full of Magic. I have used this remedy quite a few times because of badContinue reading “Not Just for Christmas”