So What Emotions go Where?

It has taken a lot of thought to work out the best way to show you what emotions go where. This topic is very in depth, diverging off into different angles and can get very confusing. That being so I have decided to guide you on the way, in a simplistic manor, to discover allContinue reading “So What Emotions go Where?”

Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine

Western and Eastern medicine refers to two different systems of medicine. Western medicine prescribes specific drugs for a disease. In contrast, Eastern medicine focuses on treating the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. (Medical News Today) The practice of medicine has evolved over time, and many people refer to these two distinctContinue reading “Stuck Emotions Eastern Medicine”

Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View

A lot of me is panicking about starting this topic as it is very personal and very deep. I have begun with the Western side of medicine and thinking because I thought there would not be to much to say. I was wrong. In the western world we are very lucky to have medicine thatContinue reading “Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View”

Highly Sensitive and Emotional Neglect

Hi I have just been going through my reading list and I came across a couple of articles that may help us deal with all the different angles of being a Highly Sensitive Person. The first comes from The Highly Sensitive Refuge – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON GROWS UP WITH EMOTIONAL NEGLECT.Continue reading “Highly Sensitive and Emotional Neglect”

Does being Highly Sensitive make us Hypochondriacs? No

Lead in Story The other day I had an appointment with Dr. John Brazier – Kore Therapy. I have been going to him for years and has helped me a lot with both mind and body. Having not seen him for 3 months or so I sat there and reeled off all the ailments IContinue reading “Does being Highly Sensitive make us Hypochondriacs? No”

Highly Sensitive Person – How to Cope………..

When you read self help articles they are always bright and breezy, all about doing this or trying that and you will be fine, life is not like that. Well in my world anyway. I am going to admit that I don’t cope very well with this high sensitivity and the silly thing is thatContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Person – How to Cope………..”

Help from Pinterest for The Highly Sensitive Person

I will admit I am a Pinterest fan and have compiled a collection of pins covering many subjects. The one I am working from today is Anxiety Rules. This is where I placed pins about Highly Sensitivity. There is so much on Pinterest about this topic that it is impossible to share it all withContinue reading “Help from Pinterest for The Highly Sensitive Person”

Are You Highly Sensitive? Quiz compiled by Elaine Aron

Hi as I said in my last post, here is the quiz from Elaine Aron’s book as well as more information. Putting link to the last blog here. Answer each question according to the way you feel. Answer false if it is not very true or not at all true for you. Scoring Yourself –Continue reading “Are You Highly Sensitive? Quiz compiled by Elaine Aron”

I am a Highly Sensitive Person

I am a highly sad person I am a highly negative person I am a highly emotional person I am a highly resentful person I am a highly anxious person and so it goes on. I was 60 + when I finally clicked that being a HSP explained all the above emotions and more. WhenContinue reading “I am a Highly Sensitive Person”

Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain

Below is me putting theory’s together so if you work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health. While researching releasing pain I came across a Dr. John Sarno, not personally but through the Tapping Solution App. I was listening to one of their meditations, it was a revelation. Dr. JohnContinue reading “Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain”