So What Emotions go Where?

It has taken a lot of thought to work out the best way to show you what emotions go where. This topic is very in depth, diverging off into different angles and can get very confusing. That being so I have decided to guide you on the way, in a simplistic manor, to discover allContinue reading “So What Emotions go Where?”

Wellness Lifestyle Tips from Dr. John Brazier.

I have been going to see Dr John Brazier for many years and he has helped me out with many a physical and emotional problem. It was he who inspired me to study acupressure and I am so glad he did. He has put together a collection of short facebook videos that I want toContinue reading “Wellness Lifestyle Tips from Dr. John Brazier.”

The Power of The Tip Of the Nose

Over emotional. Acupressure is a wonderous thing. Who would of thought that by pressing or tapping the tip of the nose you can stop emotion welling up and calm the tears. My emotions catch me out time and time again, over the smallest thing. Discovering this point, quite by accident, has given me at leastContinue reading “The Power of The Tip Of the Nose”