Healing Flowers for Anger and Resentment

From learning how to control our anger or resentment I am now going to share with you ways the simplest way of releasing these very strong emotions. But before I do that I need to tell you of two emergency tips to have to hand.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for you own health.

Firstly is Bach Rescue Remedy. I carry this with me wherever I go.

Although not a remedy in itself, Rescue Remedy it does however help to prevent or quickly overcome ENERGETIC TRAUMA. This remedy prevents disintegration of the energetic system or quickly restores it to normal.

Rescue Remedy is made up of five flowers:-

Star of Bethlehem – For trauma and numbness

Rock Rose – For terror or panic

Impatiens – for Irritability

Cherry Plum – for losing control

Clematis – for the tendency to pass out.

I use this remedy in the spray form but you can get it as drops, gum and pastilles. There are also preparations for nighttime. In an emergency or an overwhelming build up of emotion put a few drops under the tongue. Repeat. Calmness will come.

Rescue Remedy

Now for Bach Flower Remedy Rock Rose – For extreme fear, terror or panic. Sudden escalating anxieties. Extreme energetic trauma.

I use this a lot especially in travelling mode. I wouldn’t have got through the Channel Tunnel without this. I must of used nearly a whole bottle. When travelling always make sure you have enough of these remedies to last the whole trip and get you back.

These two remedies are wonderful so if you are feeling an extreme emotion building up such as Anger, use Rescue Remedy to calm you down. If the emotion is boiling over Rock Rose will calm it down. In these instances I would put a few drops under the tongue. Repeat as necessary.

Preventative care would be the remedy Impatiens, obviously for people who get impatient very quickly over any little thing or flares up through anger that passes very quickly. With impatiens I would put drops in a glass of water and sip regularly using one of the above to calm the flare up. Impatiens removes your irritability so Anger will not flare up as easily.

Bach Flower Remedy

I am placing a link to the Bach Center for more information on these remarkable remedies. I stick with these because I know they work even though there are other forms out there.


We are here to talk about releasing the emotions of anger and resentment and I would say Bach Flower Remedies are such a gentle way of dealing with these emotional issues.

Holly – For negative aggressive feelings directed at others – feelings such as hatred, suspicion, envy or spite.

Bach Flower Remedy HOLLY

To use put a few drops in a glass of water and sip regularly. repeat until you suddenly realize that the emotion has gone. Can be used on its own or with other remedies.

Star of Bethlehem. I love this remedy it is so gentle and heals painful emotions. I have even used this on the dog for separation anxiety. This remedy deals with trauma of physical, mental or negative energetic experiences. It is able neutralize any form of energetic trauma, restoring equilibrium to the bodies energies.

You can use this on its own or with other remedies such as Holly. A few drops in water, sip regularly. repeat until you notice the emotion has gone.

Star of Bethlehem

Mustard has been used before for sadness. Anger and resentment make us feel bad so I have added this to the remedy collection. Mustard removes the black cloud caused by negative emotions, even if you don’t know why you feel gloomy.

Use as above, on its own or with the two previous remedies.


And finally Honeysuckle – this allows you to release the past whether recent or way back such as childhood. Brilliant. Use as the others until you realize your emotions are settled.

Bach® Honeysuckle | Bach flower remedy flower essence

I would use this selection altogether, putting a few drops of each into a glass of water and sip regularly. It doesn’t actually have to be water, you can put the drops in any liquid beverage you like. These remedies do contain a minute portion of alcohol as a preservative. If this worries you, you can buy alcohol free online.

Please use the original stock by Bach, I have found copies are not up to snuff. Boots do a small selection, G Baldwins.co.uk carry a full range as well as Holland and Barrett and of course The Bach Centre.

Please take full responsibility for your own health.

Help For Overthinking

Hey there! Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of thoughts about the past or worrying about the future?, especially in the early hours of the morning. It’s totally normal to do that sometimes, but it’s important to recognize when it becomes excessive. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, it’s called “overthinking,” which means “to think about something too much, in a way that is not useful.” It’s something we all do from time to time, and it’s totally normal. Overthinking is when these thoughts become obsessive and prevent you from actually making progress towards a solution. It’s different from healthy problem-solving, which involves thinking critically about a difficult situation when needed. So, if you find yourself overthinking, try to take a step back and focus on taking action towards a solution instead of getting stuck in your thoughts.

Blame it on our Amygdala – that little part of our brain that’s always working hard to keep us safe. It can get a bit carried away sometimes, bombarding us with thoughts and ideas until we become anxious and overwhelmed.

Know Your Brain

I’ve discovered a useful article from Very Well Mind about how to put an end to overthinking, which can assist you in comprehending how the mind operates.

I highly recommend reading “The Chimp Paradox” by Prof Steve Peters. It’s a thought-provoking book that I believe you’ll find valuable.

 (ISBN 1448117968).

In the upcoming post, you will learn how acupressure, Bach flower remedies, and oils can be utilized to soothe these racing thoughts.

As usual,if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Do we Over Medicalize our Emotions

I came across an article in the Daily Mail on Friday, May 19th that discussed the Princess of Wales’ warning. She emphasized the importance of not over-medicalizing our emotions, particularly for young individuals who tend to adopt labels quickly. The Princess also pointed out how in ancient times, humans lived in smaller communities and were better equipped to handle the fight or flight response. In contrast, modern society and social media have significantly impacted mental health. The Princess urged children to be taught mental health skills to assist them in all areas of life.


I fully support the idea expressed in this statement. Throughout my work, I have encountered a great deal of scepticism towards the concept of self-healing, emotional management, and self-care. It seems that in many cases, our natural response to stress is constantly activated, not necessarily due to any personal shortcomings, but rather because of the pervasive negative messaging in our environment, including social media, news outlets, and other forms of media. The overwhelming focus on doom and gloom can be quite discouraging.

As individuals, we have the power to improve our lives by utilizing various resources available to us. It’s important to remain open-minded and willing to explore different mediums that can aid in our personal growth.

I couldn’t agree more with the comment regarding children. It really warmed my heart and gave me hope. It’s amazing to think that having knowledge about emotional support could have such a positive impact on the lives and well-being of children who are going through tough times.

Many of us can take steps to help ourselves, and there are numerous methods available. The key is to remain receptive to exploring new options.

If you require further information about this post, please feel free to contact me via email at chilton.sally@yahoo.com.

As usual, if you choose to work with my experiences please take full responsibility for your own health.

Image from kidsrelaxation.com

Are your eyelids drooping downward?

Medical Illustration, Ptosis Symptoms Normal to Severe

Mine are!

I must admit, I have fallen behind on my exercise routine to combat my droopy eyelids. I encourage all of you to stay motivated and not fall into the same lazy habits as myself. It’s frustrating to see the reflection in the mirror when you haven’t kept up with your routine.

So being short and sweet here is the link to Ageless On Instant Eyelids lift.

The image is sourced from Dreamstime.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences, you must take full responsibility for your own health

Bored Bored Bored!

After a busy few days, I can’t settle for anything, I just can’t be bothered.

Bored, Bored, Bored.

Do you ever feel bored? Boredom is an emotion that signals dissatisfaction with what you’re currently doing. It can tell you two things: Firstly, that you’re not fully engaged in your current task. Secondly, that your project lacks meaning to you. The main cause of boredom is repetitive and monotonous experiences. When we feel bored, it’s our brain’s way of warning us that things aren’t going well and we need to find a more fulfilling activity.

Are you ready to change your day? It is our responsibility to take action and improve our own lives. If you’re experiencing feelings of apathy and lethargy, it may be time to overcome them and pull yourself out of the doldrums.

OK. But how? It’s common to have various techniques to manage moods, anxieties, and fears, but it can be frustrating when we forget them. Sometimes, we tend to delay taking care of ourselves and become indifferent towards our well-being.

My usual first step is tapping. Have you heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique?Tapping on specific energy points of the body is a gentle technique to release emotions from within. To access helpful resources, please click on the buttons below.

Brad Yates suggests tapping away your boredom. Simply follow his lead and tap the points he taps.

I also suggest enhancing the benefits of tapping by incorporating Bach Flower Remedies, which provide a gentle method for healing our emotions.

The following remedies will help you jumpstart both your mind and body.

Wild rose for apathy, lack of interest and ambition.

Olive for feeling deep inner tiredness.

Mustard for melancholia.

Larch for lack of self confidence, feeling inferior, imposter syndrome.

And finally Honeysuckle for letting go of the past.

Wild Rose

To experience a gradual release from your emotions, add a few drops of each remedy to a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. Repeat as necessary. You may not notice an immediate effect, but eventually, the skies will appear bluer and brighter, even when you least expect it.

All available on line but I am sure your local health shop will have them.

Why not give it a try and make your day even better?

As always, if you decide to rely on my experiences, please be aware that you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing.

Are the corners of your mouth up or down?

Droopy mouth corners is something that happens to all of us, men and women alike. Unfortunately some more than others. Sagging mouth corners are all part of the aging process. As we get older we have a natural loss of collagen and elastin. These are proteins that keep our skin looking plum and firm. As these protein’s decrease with age so then our skin begins to drop downwards.

Here’s a way to lift the corner of your mouth. Ageless on has a set of exercises to help with the ventriloquist look. I came upon these You Tube videos by accident but loved using them. Perseverance is needed but worth it.

Image from Dreamstime

As I said in the previous post Reversing Time, these exercises do work so don’t, like me, give up.

Hers the link to Ageless On –

Here is the link to the previous post Reversing Time –

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences please take full responsibility for your own health’ Cheers

Reversing Time using our bodies Energy Meridians

Hi Sorry about the lack of posts recently. This is because I have been going back in time visiting the area I grew up in. We had a good time going round all the old haunts. Nothing much had changed really apart from the odd motorway going through the middle of Wanstead, more people and extreme traffic.

Reflecting on this lack of change I came to the conclusion that the only thing that had changed was me. I am certainly not the confident, outgoing young lass that left the area 30 years ago, especially my skin, I now look like a ventriloquists dummy.

We can’t stop time but we can try and reverse the damage that may be caused by life’s travels. I am going to share with you some facial techniques that work with the bodies energy system. I know they work because I have used them but perversely stopped. It takes time and perseverance, don’t give in.

So to reverse time have a go by clicking the links below for the first exercise from AGELESS ON

Go on have a go and feel good.

Reverse Time

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences please take full responsibility for you own health.

I am Blocked!!!

Just to say sorry for not getting a post together. I have writer’s block!

What is a writing block?

“Writer’s block is a temporary or lasting failure to put words on paper. It can hit every writer, if only for a few minutes or a day or two, but it becomes a real problem when the writer is not reaching targets and when they feel incapable of completing a piece of work.” – from The Royal Literacy Fund

And here are ways to get out of your block. Press button below.


All very straight forward and easy – NOT

What no one seems to take any notice of is the emotional reasons, subconscious or conscious, why they are not writing:-

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • I can’t be bothered
  • Lack of motivation
  • I am not good enough

There is probably more to add to the list. I know why I am struggling to go on is because the harder I try the less success I have so I am a why bother…..

I am working on this with Emotional Freedom Technique. I will put links below to cover all the topics above. Firstly is a meditation from The Tapping solution. You Are Not Enough. Do this daily or more. It’s great

Fear of Failure – Brad Yates – again tap with this as many times as you like

Yo know however hard you try there could be something inside you actually not wanting to succeed. Listen and tap

We all do this, make a plan and then somehow stop ourselves –

I can’t be bothered. Know the feeling well

The above links can be used for any situation where you feel stuck and I hope they help.

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

There I have written something.