Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain


Below is me putting theory’s together so if you work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

While researching releasing pain I came across a Dr. John Sarno, not personally but through the Tapping Solution App. I was listening to one of their meditations, it was a revelation.

Dr. John Sarno works with back pain and is a great believer, as is Joe Dizpenza, that our thoughts can make us ill. Dr. John Sarno says that the decision maker in the brain has decided that the overt expression of unbridled rage would ruin the persons life and to prevent this from happening it automatically created physical symptoms in the body without consulting the conscious rational mind.

Keep with me — ‘Feelings of inferiority are no doubt enhanced by a childhood of lacking’.

Freud suggests a more universal reasons for feelings of inferiority, namely the transition from the childish state to adulthood is painful and distressing and leaves behind a permanent injury to self regard. This sense of inferiority appears to be the primary spur to the drive to be perfect, good, helpful and more. A People Pleaser.

We People Pleasers store all the anger and rage, probably caused by resentment of the inferiority we feel towards others, inside us and this is the point Dr Sarno is making, that all this anger and rage we hold deep down as we smile and goes towards causing physical pain.

So I think what I am getting at here is that childhood may make us totally inferior by which we compensate by pleasing all around us to get attention. With all this pleasing we build up resentment inside us, so rage builds up causing psychological pain. so if physical pain is there we need to find ways of accepting and releasing the stored anger.

So if you feel you need to release your anger below are some links to help you.

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People Pleasing – Part 2

Lucky Otters Haven

I have been pleasing everyone around me, it seems, all my life. I even bend over backwards to please the dog!!! Of late – COVID onward, I have begun to realise that all that pleasing people has done for me is fill me up with anger and resentment, turning me into a bitter, irrational, irritable not nice person. Being a people pleaser is not bad but can bring on anxiety and stress. This habit of pleasing people is so ingrained in me that my first reaction is still yes. BUT now I am pleasing when it suits me, my time not theirs. I think the anger in me makes it easier to be stronger in my resolve. I do feel a bit taller now and more confident in my independence. The constant feeling of being taken for granted is still there but we people pleasers must remember that the people we are helping do not have any idea we are cross and resentful inside because we don’t tell them. They just assume that all is ok because we make sure they do. When you stop people pleasing it is very hard to step back this ingrained habit but with little steps you can move forward.

Go to the link above for more help on this topic.

This little rant was inspired by an email this morning from Tiny Buddha that brought up all the emotions of being a P.P. It is very up front but true and does make you think.

If you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health. Any comments must be relayed to the author.

Tiny Buddha Why people pleasers lie and what we gain when we share our truth

Stephen the Dog

A Small Selection of Tricks for a Good Nights Sleep

I am starting a selection of hints and tips on how we can get to sleep naturally. All based on YOUTUBE.


Prune Harris – Techniques foe a good nights sleep.

Prune harris.com

Paul Mckenna – Sleep

Dr Mandell

Dr Mandell – Fall asleep in 3 or 4 minutes – acupressure

I am sure there are many more videos out there and when I come across them I will add to the list.

If you choose to work with my experiences

you must take full responsibility for you own health.

Circadian Rhythm – Chinese Body Clock. Do our body clocks rule the Night?

Circadian rhythm vector illustration. Labeled educational day cycle scheme. Daily human body inner regulation schedule. Natural sleep-wake biological process explanation and chronobiology infographic.
Traditional Chinese Body Clock

Pictured above are two images depicting our internal body clocks, western and eastern. Learning to understand our body clocks you will be able to discover the best times to eat, sleep or exercise for the good of your body and your sleep.

To find out about the Circadian Rhythm click the link to The Sleep Foundation and Healthline below.

To find out about the Chinese Body Clock click on the links below.

Five Seasons Medicine

More on the Chinese clock by Nirvana

I hope you do take time to read the above articles because they may help you in your quest to find a good nights rest.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Sleep or Not!

As I said at the end of the previous post ‘Sleep or not that is the question?’ there are more reasons for sleep problems and one is hydration. I know I do and I expect loads of others do and that is to try and not drink to much fluid before bed so we are not disturbed during the night. Never works.


This article precedes the two below so thought I had better add it to the collection.

Sleep Foundation have put together this article to explain the relationship between hydration and sleep. Please note when you click on the link you will be asked if you wish to try there 14 day sleep challenge. might be a way to solve your sleep problem.

Again from the Sleep Foundation – What Causes Interrupted Sleep.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

See next post on Circadian Rhythm…….

Sleep or No Sleep that is the Question?


If you are a person who can sleep through the night then you are a very lucky person. If you are a person who has a poor sleep pattern I have much sympathy for you.

I am a poor sleeper leaving me with brain fog all day, nodding off here and there, and I am afraid I have no solution of my own for you fellow sufferers. Well after saying that we all know that overthinking is one reason for sleep problems where your mind goes over and round and round giving you a headache but no sleep. I have touched on the subject of overthinking before, so here we go. Please click on the link below and remember if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

So I am going to say because of overthinking there could very well be hyperventilation secretly building up inside you as your mind goes round and round in circles. You may be finding yourself getting wound up. Tight chest and throat, feeling anxious, making you breathe deeper thinking it will bring relief. Don’t !!!!!!

Hyperventilation is invented by bad breathing, leading to more bad breathing making you more and more wound up.

The article below includes a bit about panic attacks which are caused by over breathing. It also includes ways of calming your breathing down which in turn relaxes your body and hopefully your mind. SLEEP

Do read this it will be helpful and as usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

To finish this blog off with a list of methods that I have used myself to get back to sleep.

  • Lavender oil
  • magnesium oil
  • Hypnosis
  • counting backwards
  • alphabet backwards
  • writing thoughts down
  • breathing exercises!
  • meditation
  • acupressure

This blog has gone on enough. I will post another with links to more information on this topic.

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Magnesium and Migraines


I think before we go on about how magnesium can help we need to know what we could be feeling with a deficiency of this mineral. Good article from Westlabsalt.co.uk

After my last very severe migraine I actually became extremely stressed at the thought of having another one. At my last visit to John Brazier prior to the last headache, he had suggested Magnesium for the cramps in my calves. I don’t know why but this inspired me to research magnesium and the first sentence I saw was this : –Research on magnesium has found it to be a potentially well-tolerated, safe and inexpensive option for migraine prevention, while it may also be effective as an acute treatment option for headaches including migraines, tension- type headaches and cluster headaches, particularly in certain patient subsets. Taken from NCBI.NIM.NIH.Gov

Without any more ado off I went to the chemist and started taking two tablets a day (375 mg) and haven’t had a migraine since within the last month.

I am putting the article the whole on this blog for your information. It is very interesting but medical.

This is the last bit of info I will put on here as It will become overwhelmed with help.

From Healthline

Hope this information above will help. It certainly helped me.

As usual you must take full responsibility for you own health

Wellness Lifestyle Tips from Dr. John Brazier.

I have been going to see Dr John Brazier for many years and he has helped me out with many a physical and emotional problem. It was he who inspired me to study acupressure and I am so glad he did. He has put together a collection of short facebook videos that I want to share with you so you get more of an understanding of acupressure and perhaps help yourself. Enjoy

I hope you like them.

As usual you must take full responsibility for you own health if you choose to a work with my experiences.

The Moons Gift – Sadness

Here is another way our emotions can be played with without us even knowing about it. It is very beautiful but it can so bring you down. So as Researcher Sal I have found these two articles that show you how the moon affects us. Bet you have never thought of the moon making you moody hey.

From recognizing the fact that the moon upsets me I wrote a tapping script that works for me and am giving it to you for you to adapt any way you like so that it will help you.

After tapping on the side of hand move to the eyebrow point working round as you go through the script.
Full Moon Tapping
You must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to tap. 

Focus on your emotions and rate the intensity between 1 - 10. 10 being the highest
Starting on the side of the hand - the Karate Chop

Even though the full moon affects my body I love and respect myself.
Even though the full moon pulls me as the tides I truly love myself and accept how I feel.
Even though the full moon gives us the high tide of our emotions I accept how I feel

Moving to the tapping sequence

EB The full moon expands and magnifies
SE. The full moon expands the moods
UE. Making me feel everything more intensely
UN. Maybe good
UM. Maybe bad
CB. Depending on my state of mind
UA. The full moon rises
TOT. Illuminating awareness

EB. Illuminating realisation
SE. Shaking up the routine
UE. Making me moody
UN. Making me sad
UM. Can’t stop the moon rising
CB. Can’t stop the agitation
UA. The sadness and negativity
TOH. The excess emotions

EB. Being at the mercy of the moon
SE. The secretive moon
UE. But what if I can control me
UN. What if I can beat the moon
UM. What if I can beat the moods
CB. Understand
UA. Become aware
TOH. Take a step backwards

EB. Know what’s happening
SE. Be in control
UE. Turn my mood around
UN. Smile
UM. Laugh
CB. Beat the moon
UA. Smile at the moon
TOH Be in control

EB. I choose calmness
SE. I choose happiness
UE. I release these moods
UN. I release the sadness and negativity
UM. I am in control
CB. The tides will turn
UA. All will pass
TOH. All will be well

Written by Tapping4u

I do hope with all these hints and tips you are able to heal your sadness.

Do contact me if you want a chat.

Emotional Freedom