Sleep or No Sleep that is the Question?

If you are a person who can sleep through the night then you are a very lucky person. If you are a person who has a poor sleep pattern I have much sympathy for you. I am a poor sleeper leaving me with brain fog all day, nodding off here and there, and I amContinue reading “Sleep or No Sleep that is the Question?”

Magnesium and Migraines

I think before we go on about how magnesium can help we need to know what we could be feeling with a deficiency of this mineral. Good article from After my last very severe migraine I actually became extremely stressed at the thought of having another one. At my last visit to John BrazierContinue reading “Magnesium and Migraines”

Wellness Lifestyle Tips from Dr. John Brazier.

I have been going to see Dr John Brazier for many years and he has helped me out with many a physical and emotional problem. It was he who inspired me to study acupressure and I am so glad he did. He has put together a collection of short facebook videos that I want toContinue reading “Wellness Lifestyle Tips from Dr. John Brazier.”

Clear the Lungs, Clear the Sadness

It is the believe of Traditional Chinese Medicine our emotion are stored in our body. I know this to be true. Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear, sadness and more) are low vibrational energies. We accumulate these energies in our body from birth. These bad energies are responsible for ourContinue reading “Clear the Lungs, Clear the Sadness”

It’s Happened, I have lost the plot………….

Awhile ago I was writing about about my first ever migraine headache, well it wasn’t the last. I have had 5. This last one laid me out for 15 hours. Not fun, missed the whole of Saturday Evening. I think natural birth is less pain than this. Oh My Goodness. What I’m finding mysterious isContinue reading “It’s Happened, I have lost the plot………….”

A Documentary on How Emotional Freedom Technique Works and How it Heals by Nick Ortner – The Tapping Solution.

Finally have got to watch this, not many people will have seen it, especially in the UK. This documentary is self explicit so no need for a description. So if you want more info on Emotional Freedom Technique click below and enjoy …….