Reversing Time using our bodies Energy Meridians

Hi Sorry about the lack of posts recently. This is because I have been going back in time visiting the area I grew up in. We had a good time going round all the old haunts. Nothing much had changed really apart from the odd motorway going through the middle of Wanstead, more people and extreme traffic.

Reflecting on this lack of change I came to the conclusion that the only thing that had changed was me. I am certainly not the confident, outgoing young lass that left the area 30 years ago, especially my skin, I now look like a ventriloquists dummy.

We can’t stop time but we can try and reverse the damage that may be caused by life’s travels. I am going to share with you some facial techniques that work with the bodies energy system. I know they work because I have used them but perversely stopped. It takes time and perseverance, don’t give in.

So to reverse time have a go by clicking the links below for the first exercise from AGELESS ON

Go on have a go and feel good.

Reverse Time

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences please take full responsibility for you own health.

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