I have This Really Old Hurt – Brad Yates

Because I have been on the topic of stored emotions I contacted Brad Yates in America asking permission to share this tapping script with you and he said yes. It comes from his book THE EFT WIZARDS BIG BOOK OF TAPPING SCRIPTS. 101 life enhancing, fear smashing, mind/body healing, abundance-attracting and joy inspiring rounds of EFT.

Link below for book on Amazon

The script below is used with the permission from the author. If you feel you have an emotion stuck inside. This tapping script is very healing so have a go.

Positioning of the points are in the image below starting with gamut point on the side of the hand. All position are stated within the script. As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full reponsibility for your own health.

I Have This Really Old Hurt

Side of the Hand: Even though I have this really old hurt, I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though I have this really old hurt, I choose to love and forgive myself.

Even though I have this really old hurt… Something happened a long time ago. I can’t consciously remember it, but there’s sadness. There’s pain. There’s anger, and it got stuck in me. And I choose to release it now.

And even though I have this old hurt around my eyes, I choose to deeply and completely love and forgive and accept myself and anyone else who might have been involved in this because I choose to be free now.

Eyebrow Point: This old hurt around my eyes.

Side of the Eye: This really old hurt around my eyes.

Under the Eye: Whatever it might be,

Under the Nose: I’m allowing myself to move through it now.

Under the Mouth: Allowing myself to process it.

Collarbone: Some emotion came up

Under Arm: and got stuck, and I’m letting it move now..

Top of the Head: If I need to know what happened,

EB: I choose to know.

SE: Allowing myself to know

UE: if it’s for my highest good.

UN: And if not,

UM: I choose to let it go.

CB: Releasing it from my energy. Releasing all this old hurt from my energy.

UA: Releasing all this old pain.

TH: Releasing all this old sadness.

EB: And releasing all this old anger.

SE: Releasing all this anger and resentment.

UE: Releasing it at a cellular level.

UN: Giving myself permission

UM: to be free from this now.

CB: I acknowledge my unconscious mind for trying to protect me,

UA: for thinking that I needed this

TH: to somehow protect me.

EB: But I made that decision

SE: at a very young age.

 UE: I’m allowing myself to see now

UN: that it is safe to heal.

UM: It’s safe to release this.

CB: Releasing it at a cellular level.

UA: Whatever happened back then I survived it.

TH: The human body

EB: is constantly regenerating.

SE: New cells are being grown all the time.

UE: And the entire human body

UN: from head to toe

UM: is completely replaced

CB: at a cellular level every 7 years or so.

UA: So, there isn’t even a cell in my body

TH: That was there when that hurt occurred.

EB: That hurt

SE: Allowing it to be healed

UE: Allowing the energy to be healed now.

UN: I can heal.

UM: I’m giving myself permission to heal.

CB: Giving myself permission to remember that I am whole and complete,

UA: lacking nothing.

TH: I’m a magnificent child of God

EB: with great gifts and talents,

SE: and I’m worthy and deserving

UE: of great success and love.

UN: And I’m setting myself free,

UM: allowing myself to feel good

 CB: at a cellular level, in every fibre of my being.

UA: Allowing myself to feel whole and healed

TH: at a cellular level.

Take a deep breath.

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