Dealing with Grief, Shock and Sadness

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It is just over week since the awful incident with the dog. The chart above shows exactly what we have all been going through, hopefully we are all starting on the upward climb. Because of the topic I have been working with recently, emotions in the body, I think my emotions are in my throat. I have developed a cold in the throat. I know you all will think I am nuts but it is to much coincidence to me that it started developing the day after the incident. It has dragged me down , making everything worse. BUT I am working on easing this emotion. Firstly I am easing the trauma, sadness and shock with the Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem. Star of Bethlehem is a white gentle flower. It used for all the consequences of physical, mental and spiritual traumatic experiences, irrespective of whether it was in the past or only yesterday. It neutralises any form of energetic trauma, rapidly restoring the self healing mechanisms of the body. ( Mechthild Scheffer). By putting the remedy, a few drops at a time into any fluid you drink, sipping throughout the day you will slowly find yourself feeling more uplifted, able to start moving on.

I have also worked with the lung and heart meridian as they hold grief and sadness, plus Emotional Freedom Technique. The link below will take you to The Tapping Solutions documentary on the topic. Nick Ortner will help you more than I at this moment. I love this healing medium, it is so soothing. I am putting the links to tapping sessions I have used below.

I have used the below script because I have problems dealing with change and this one is a big whammy.

This next script is about releasing the stress around the emotions that are showing up as a physical symptom.

Releasing emotional pain. This script isn’t used particularly for grief but for all the emotions at this time.

Adding another button because I have a quickie version of the above script.

I know I am on the upward climb of the chart above because I made myself practise what I preach. If you are suffering trauma, grief or sadness I hope the above will help.


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