So What Emotions go Where?

It has taken a lot of thought to work out the best way to show you what emotions go where. This topic is very in depth, diverging off into different angles and can get very confusing. That being so I have decided to guide you on the way, in a simplistic manor, to discover all you would like to know. All knowledge I am imparting is from my own experiences of helping myself. This being so you MUST take full responsibility for your own health. Onward…..

The Lung Meridian


Sadness and Grief

Read on:-

Previous from -Tapping4U – This blog guides you to clear the lungs of stored emotions.

Five Seasons again guides you on all aspects of the lung meridian


We all get sore throats and coughs, as well as asthma. Below, the Natural Health Zone will explain each accupoint you can use to gain health.

Please use the link below:-

The Large Intestine Meridian

This is not a meridian I know much about and have only discovered recently that it is linked to the lungs. Onwards for more ….

The Large Intestine

The above image is from Pinterest.

The link below shows more on the large intestine meridian


As the Large Intestine is linked to the Lungs this meridian also holds sadness and grief. Again I have Prune Harris showing you how the clear the meridian, whilst working with the lung meridian as well. ( just pointing out there is a young guy acting the fool in the background. Hope he does’nt annoy you to much.)


Even though the Large Intestine is a major part of our body, the meridian is not one of the most used apart from LI4. This is the main acupoint for the upper body. Have a read of The Natural Health Zone, they will explain all.

The Heart Meridian


The heart meridian is Joy and Happiness. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all felt joy and happiness all the time but unfortunately due negative blocks or emotions stored we end being sad and depressed. We can clear these stuck emotions by working with the meridians. As is shown in the video below the Heart is linked to the Small Intestine meridian. See below.


Oh the heart – so full of emotion some joyful, some pain. Read below all the heart meridian can do for you.

The Small Intestine Meridian


Abandonment, betrayal, insecurity, agitation. (from Chesapeake Holistic)

Again I am not all that familiar with the Small Intestine Meridian except that it is linked with the heart with the same emotions. I use small intestine 3 everyday when I am doing my EFT tapping. It is placed on the side of the hand and it is part of the beginning tapping sequence. I am afraid I cannot find a video of the small intestine clearing apart from the link to Prune Harris above. You can also find directions at the bottom of the Five Seasons page. Click link below.


I myself am going to be interested in reading about the Small Intestine meridian so here is the link to The Natural Health Zone below.

Okay time for a rest and start on the next emotion soon. Hope you are finding this interesting. Again if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Link to part 2

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