Releasing Stuck Emotions in the Body- Western Point of View

A lot of me is panicking about starting this topic as it is very personal and very deep. I have begun with the Western side of medicine and thinking because I thought there would not be to much to say. I was wrong. In the western world we are very lucky to have medicine that is very scientific and even though a lot of people won’t agree, easy to access. People prefer the black and white image of medicine. You have a headache – you take a pill. We don’t look into why we have the headache in the first place.

It is perfectly normal to have a physical problem in our culture but people shy away from dealing with emotions.

Dr. John E. Sarno The Divided Mind

So this is where we are going –


I am putting a link to an article that will explain all by Bridget Webber –

Does your Pain Stem from Trapped Emotions?

So it is said we all shy away from our emotions and any traumas occurring in our lives. We tuck them away within us, then we top them up with more unwanted feelings and so on, until we become ill.

Now we go back in time to learn from Freud and his friend Joseph Breur found out for us.

(Taken from the Little book of Psychology)

Freud worked on the unconscious mind, among many other things. Freud’s introduction to the world of the unconscious came in 1885 when he came across the work of the french neurologist Martin Charcot. He seemed to be successfully treating patients for symptoms of mental illness using hypnosis. Charcot’s view that hysteria was a neurological disorder caused by abnormalities of the nervous system and this provided new possibilities for treatments. Freud then met Joseph Breuer, a well respected physician, who had found the he could greatly reduce the severity of one of his patient’s symptoms of mental illness simply by asking her to describe her fantasies and hallucinations. (journalling) Freud then worked on this theory using hypnosis to alleviate the memories of traumatic events. Breuer and Freud developed and popularized a method of psychological treatment based on the idea that many forms of mental illness, irrational fears, anxiety, hysteria, imagined paralysis and pains were the results of traumatic experiences that had occurred in the patients past and were now hidden away from consciousness. Through this work Breuer and Freud claimed to have found a way to release the repressed memory from the unconscious, allowing the patient to confront the emotion set it free. Enter Dr. Sarno.


Freud and Breur

Dr. John Sarno

Dr. Sarno worked on Freud and Bruer’s findings and has now proved time and again that pain can be caused by withheld traumas and emotions causing Tension Myostis Syndrome.Tension myositis syndrome (TMS), also known as tension myoneural syndrome or mindbody syndrome, is a name given by John E. Sarno to a condition of psychogenicmusculoskeletal and nerve symptoms, most notably back pain.[1][2][3] Sarno described TMS in four books,[4][5][6][7] and stated that the condition may be involved in other pain disorders as well.[2] The treatment protocol for TMS includes education, writing about emotional issues, resumption of a normal lifestyle and, for some patients, support meetings and/or psychotherapy.[ wiki

This link will show a method to help yourself. Dr. Sarno said you can heal by reading one of his books, journalling your feelings and accepting the situation. I am now shutting up as I have found a link that explains Sarno’s work better than I.

As usual I must say that if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for you own health.


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