Highly Sensitive Person – How to Cope………..

When you read self help articles they are always bright and breezy, all about doing this or trying that and you will be fine, life is not like that. Well in my world anyway. I am going to admit that I don’t cope very well with this high sensitivity and the silly thing is that I bring a lot of the stress and emotions on myself.


I am sitting here trying to find the words to explain what I mean but I can’t without sounding like I am moaning. Okay….. Today is Sunday, sunday has become a very much our day. We have a busy week so it is a chill day with very much a routine to it. But not this Sunday as we are having the pleasure of our grandson coming. Any normal Grandma would be thrilled but not this one as her routine is going totally out the window. I have no idea what time they are turning up, how long he is going to be here and loads of other thoughts. I am panicking inside, fear of the visit not going right and believe it or not sadness and resentment that I am in this position. How awful is that. I feel as an hsp that I always react to everything in a negative way – EVERYTHING. There seems to be something inside me that seems determined not to let me enjoy anything. I feel that there is something missing in my make up because I never feel right. This is the reason for my quest – to find the missing link to make me feel right. Of course I don’t know what other people feel, for all I know how I feel is right but I can’t believe that.

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So at the end of the day I make my life hard by overthinking – non-stop,

over worrying -non-stop,

over reacting to everything – non-stop,

being over emotional, welling up all the time,




moody – non-stop

Who would want to be around such a mess of emotions. Bless him

So there we are I have had a moan and it is shocking to see my emotions down on paper. Bottom line is I am perverse. There are ways of dealing with these emotions as the blog portrays but I/we never get round to trying them, especially on a daily basis, I give up feeling sorry for myself.

I would love to hear from you about how you feel and how you cope so we can help others. chilton.sally@yahoo.com

Below are some links on how to cope being a Highly Sensitive Person. Hope you find them helpful.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

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