Why We Become People Pleasers and why it may be the Cause of your Physical Pain


Below is me putting theory’s together so if you work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

While researching releasing pain I came across a Dr. John Sarno, not personally but through the Tapping Solution App. I was listening to one of their meditations, it was a revelation.

Dr. John Sarno works with back pain and is a great believer, as is Joe Dizpenza, that our thoughts can make us ill. Dr. John Sarno says that the decision maker in the brain has decided that the overt expression of unbridled rage would ruin the persons life and to prevent this from happening it automatically created physical symptoms in the body without consulting the conscious rational mind.

Keep with me — ‘Feelings of inferiority are no doubt enhanced by a childhood of lacking’.

Freud suggests a more universal reasons for feelings of inferiority, namely the transition from the childish state to adulthood is painful and distressing and leaves behind a permanent injury to self regard. This sense of inferiority appears to be the primary spur to the drive to be perfect, good, helpful and more. A People Pleaser.

We People Pleasers store all the anger and rage, probably caused by resentment of the inferiority we feel towards others, inside us and this is the point Dr Sarno is making, that all this anger and rage we hold deep down as we smile and goes towards causing physical pain.

So I think what I am getting at here is that childhood may make us totally inferior by which we compensate by pleasing all around us to get attention. With all this pleasing we build up resentment inside us, so rage builds up causing psychological pain. so if physical pain is there we need to find ways of accepting and releasing the stored anger.

So if you feel you need to release your anger below are some links to help you.

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