The Moons Gift – Sadness

Here is another way our emotions can be played with without us even knowing about it. It is very beautiful but it can so bring you down. So as Researcher Sal I have found these two articles that show you how the moon affects us. Bet you have never thought of the moon making you moody hey.

From recognizing the fact that the moon upsets me I wrote a tapping script that works for me and am giving it to you for you to adapt any way you like so that it will help you.

After tapping on the side of hand move to the eyebrow point working round as you go through the script.
Full Moon Tapping
You must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to tap. 

Focus on your emotions and rate the intensity between 1 - 10. 10 being the highest
Starting on the side of the hand - the Karate Chop

Even though the full moon affects my body I love and respect myself.
Even though the full moon pulls me as the tides I truly love myself and accept how I feel.
Even though the full moon gives us the high tide of our emotions I accept how I feel

Moving to the tapping sequence

EB The full moon expands and magnifies
SE. The full moon expands the moods
UE. Making me feel everything more intensely
UN. Maybe good
UM. Maybe bad
CB. Depending on my state of mind
UA. The full moon rises
TOT. Illuminating awareness

EB. Illuminating realisation
SE. Shaking up the routine
UE. Making me moody
UN. Making me sad
UM. Can’t stop the moon rising
CB. Can’t stop the agitation
UA. The sadness and negativity
TOH. The excess emotions

EB. Being at the mercy of the moon
SE. The secretive moon
UE. But what if I can control me
UN. What if I can beat the moon
UM. What if I can beat the moods
CB. Understand
UA. Become aware
TOH. Take a step backwards

EB. Know what’s happening
SE. Be in control
UE. Turn my mood around
UN. Smile
UM. Laugh
CB. Beat the moon
UA. Smile at the moon
TOH Be in control

EB. I choose calmness
SE. I choose happiness
UE. I release these moods
UN. I release the sadness and negativity
UM. I am in control
CB. The tides will turn
UA. All will pass
TOH. All will be well

Written by Tapping4u

I do hope with all these hints and tips you are able to heal your sadness.

Do contact me if you want a chat.

Emotional Freedom

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