Clear the Lungs, Clear the Sadness

It is the believe of Traditional Chinese Medicine our emotion are stored in our body. I know this to be true. Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear, sadness and more) are low vibrational energies. We accumulate these energies in our body from birth. These bad energies are responsible for our problems in life and blocks our further success. Like all living systems, our bodies are a unified collection of energy fields. If you alter the quality of these fields then you can change the way your body functions and your life also for good or bad.


I could spend ages sitting here writing about all the meridians and their emotions but as a researcher I have found this article from Very Well Mind that does it much better than I and with more clarity. So click the link below to understand our emotions better, then I will follow on with links for healing your lungs and sadness.

So my big plan has just gone way out the window. There is a wonderful tapping meditation by Nick Ortner for clearing sadness on the tapping solution app of which I had thought I could get access to but NO. I am very sorry. It is called healing the lungs (extended session) and is very good but hey. I have found an energy healer Prune Harris who is talking here about sadness. It is helpful but just warning you she is working with others at the time.

This next post is how to help you understand how and why you are clearing your lungs in the way traditional chinese medicine. TCM does work and you wont know until you try it. Five Seasons Medicine is a very good website and the link is below. It is very interesting to find out out what emotions are stored where.

From Sad to Happy

I am also showing you the Heart Meridian because I work with both of them at the same time as a back up as it were.

Below are diagrams of the heart and lung meridians for you to follow.

Lung Meridian

I know I should have done a video of me clearing my meridians but Prune Harris has already done it.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

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