It’s Happened, I have lost the plot………….

Awhile ago I was writing about about my first ever migraine headache, well it wasn’t the last. I have had 5. This last one laid me out for 15 hours. Not fun, missed the whole of Saturday Evening. I think natural birth is less pain than this. Oh My Goodness. What I’m finding mysterious is that, finally after years of feeling low I go to the doctors, then wham, bam thank you mam other symptoms roll up.

This is really an excuse for not putting any posts out there for awhile. My critical voice has been having a go at me big time, hence my rumbling on now and my feeling nervous as I type.

So I made a very bad order the other day and had to have a confrontation with the owner of the shop fortunately by phone. Not my cup of tea at all. Yesterday I had to go in the shop to settle finances etc. I was very nervous in the morning until I came across this Anxiety Meditation by G P Walsh. Brilliant. This meditation puts a whole new concept on Anxiety. Please click the link below

The New Us

This post also contains the topic Fear of Confrontation which I will produce soon.

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

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