Never have had one in my life!!!!!

I have had a migraine, in fact two……..

I am 68 and can thankfully say I hadn’t ever had a migraine before and can hopefully say I’m not going to have another. Really weird.

Clip art library.

I sympathise with all of you that have suffered over the years.

I am really telling you this not for sympathy but to apologise for not getting any posts out to you this week. Hopefully Low Esteem coming up.

As always with me I try to find a way of feeling better fast but have to freely admit struggled doing that with these headaches. I used the acupoint shown by Healthline – link below.

More info on the ins and outs of migraines. Please take note from this article that traditional chinese medicine looks at our headaches in slightly different way.

The Triple Warmer Meridian. Just love this meridian. It is a very calming meridian and you would think that it has been explicitly developed for headache suffers. Trace the meridian on both sides repeating as necessary.

And finally Prune Harris who works with the bodies energies. First is Horrible Headaches followed by Hormones and Headaches. Both giving us another view point of view.

I do hope you find all this interesting, if so tell a friend.

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences, please take full responsibility for your own health.

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