Soothing Pain With Touch



We all do it, bang our arm, we rub it. Twist our ankle, we rub it. Have a headache we massage our temples. Sore tummy, we rub it. Healing by touch has a long history and the skills have been passed on from generation to generation. Through time many different styles of touch healing have developed, they all come under the collective Fingertip Healing.

As I have mentioned in Emotional Freedom Technique we have in ourselves a collection of meridians that carry our vital life force life force around our body just like our veins and arteries. Along these meridians are points that when stimulated they release a blockage in the system to enable good health. If a block in the system is not treated ill health will prevail.

The most well known method of working with the acupoints, as they are called, is Acupuncture. This method uses needles placed around the meridian points by a highly trained practitioner. Adapted from this is Acupressure which uses the fingers instead of needles making it much more accessible to all. Acupressure is one of the simplest, effective techniques. By applying pressure by finger or thumb on the selected acupoint in turn you stimulate the energy flow to heal the bodies imbalances.

I am so grateful that I have studied acupressure, it has helped me so much relieving some very odd symptoms.


I am going to share with you a couple of sites that will explain the meridians and points in a more experienced way and also lead you into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is the base from where finger therapy as well as Emotional Freedom Technique began.


The Natural Health Zone and click on meridians. An excellent site.

Five Seasons Medicine is more in depth site explaining the therapy to the organs of the body and the ailments that blockages of the meridians cause. Interesting reading.

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