How to drag yourself up after being dragged down

There is actually quite a lot on the internet about being dragged down by others and I will put links to some of the articles at the end of this blog. Everyone will have different experiences as to how they get demoralized and upset. As I have asked for other peoples experiences of being brought down I should show examples of how I am made unhappy.

  • Negative friends bring you down to their level.
  • Negative reactions to what you are saying.
  • Getting spoken to as if you are an idiot.
  • Unconsciously being belittled by their own opinions.
  • Irritating habits and hobbies.
  • Picking up on others negative energy.
  • Expressions on face when spoken to.

All very simple actions but can make a big difference to your day. So what do we do. A lot of professionals say build your boundaries, but what are boundaries? I personally struggle with building boundaries but if you click on the link below it gives a very good explanation as to what they are and why they are important.

Don’t participate – don’t get involved, turn away.

Easy to say when things are sparked off in a moment. Link here to Tiny Buddha which may well help you with this.


I think we all do this – taking on the feelings of others but how to let them go? To help you with this am putting on the link to my Savior. Releasing negativity picked up from others. A gem of a tapping meditation. Even if you don’t work with tapping just listen and follow her instructions. Really feel the emotion your feeling and tap. Works for me every time, just wish I remembered it more often. We always forget what we have in our toolbox.

Here are the position of the points to use to follow the meditation below.

Here is a short blog from Huff Post about how to stop letting negative people drag you down. To follow on from this article I have put links to some tapping scripts to help clear your clutter.

Enough for now. As I have mentioned before if you have found ways to stop yourself being dragged down please share with us.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences please take full responsibility for you own health.


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