You’re Not Broken – Resistance cntd.

Unlock the blocks

I am sure a lot of us are trying really hard to find ways of healing ourselves. My journey is to stop the permanent ache of sadness and negativity. Others are trying to give up a habit, or trying to work with the Law Of Attraction only to find nothing ever works. In the video (link below) G. P. Walsh explains why we have these blocks to moving forward. Do watch it is good.

Tapping 4 U

So now we understand why the block is there. For the previous Resistance blog, click below or the previous button on the bottom of the page. On this link is a set of seven videos explaining how you can work with your body so it works for you and not against you. Very interesting. When you’ve watched them you will be racking your brains about your childhood. Don’t – your body made the decisions not you. It is now your decision to train your body to help you not block you.

Now we know why and how we get blocked we need to find out how to get unblocked as well as working with G P Walsh. Getting different angles to the problem is always good so Researcher Sal has found some articles for you to browse through and of course some good tapping scripts to release the hold of the block. EFT again uses the body by tapping on a sequence of energy points(meridians) which calms the brain breaking the link to the block.

From Tiny Budhha

Here is an article on Tiny Buddha by Emmanuel Lambert. It is very interesting. By working with the resistance you can let it go. Very similar the Mr Walsh.

Slightly different angle on resistance showing up the areas of our lives resistance occurs.

Now for the tapping. A challenge from Flourish Therapy

EFT International

This article involves Psychological Reversal which is the body working in reverse causing resistance. I will put a link to the PR post below

And Brad Yates

I hope we win our battle over resistance to find peace and happiness . We won’t find it if we RESIST trying.


We are caged in by our own thoughts and resistance.

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

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