I Have Been Resisting This One – Resistance

This is so hard, trying to find a way of describing our natural bodily/mental bias to resistance. Resistance is the reason why we don’t move on because our bodily systems stops us because it doesn’t feel safe.


The refusal to accept or comply with something

A force that acts to stop progress of something or make it slower

Resist is the bodies default

Clipart Panda

Unfortunately again our resistance begins back in the day when we were the little innocent and our nervous system/energy system took on the responsibility of keeping us safe. Thank you very much. When anything untoward happened the system took it as a sign of danger and put up a wall against it time and time again so we ended up over the early years so well protected the we were safe from everything. Over the years, if we by any chance wanted to do something out of our norm or change something the system automatically say no. Okay forget the picture the energy system obviously doesn’t want me to write this as the whole computer has just shut down.

Inspired by the Tao Of Allowing by G.P. Walsh – Resistance is our dominant state actually 95% of our reactive behavior. We are so automatic that we don’t even realise we are resisting, so when we try to be positive, change a habit, work with the law of attraction resistance it is there holding you back. This resistance wins every time because we are not in the state of allowing.

Exerts from The TMS Journey.

Humans are wired to resist change

Our primitive brains perceive change as threatening or dangerous even if we think that what we’re looking to change is of benefit to us. So no wonder we’re coming up against it so much.

When we engage in practices like journalingmeditation, or yoga, we might feel resistance to showing up because change is literally read as a threat.

Resistance keeps you ‘safe’

Yes, resistance is a tricky bitch. But as soon as I decided to admit it and find others that were doing the same thing, I could actually think more clearly about why I felt that way, and what was behind that resistance. And out of all the things I came to learn the biggest was probably this: RESISTANCE IS ACTUALLY ON MY SIDE! It’s been tricking me into believing that when I resist I am safe.

One of the most important parts of this journey is learning to realise, acknowledge and accept these things for what they are, even to feel compassion for them for getting us this far.

Our ‘easy’ comfort zone of familiarity

Change is about going into the unknown, while what we have right now is familiar and comfortable, even if we’re suffering within it. Although pain and suffering are impossible to live with, it may be the only normality that we know. And that acts as a kind of dark comfort, coherence and familiar scenario. The ‘curse of comfort’ so to speak. 

Moving from a place of self-criticism and frustration to a place of acceptance and surrender makes resistance a lot easier to face. Understanding why we do the things we do gives us the opportunity to change them with grace!

Lack of confidence in ourselves and our ability to heal

When our resistance is a deliberate opposition to therapeutic initiatives, I think there’s an element of lack of trust at play, in ourselves and our ability to make this work for us. Like, what’s the point? This is bullshit and won’t work for me. Especially if you’ve been trying hard to recover for some time and coming up against setbacks, worsening or different symptoms. If you KNEW 100% that this work would work for you, maybe it would become easier to commit? Do you think it works for others but it won’t for you?

Sneaky self-sabotage

Ask yourself this – because this work is an act of self-love – would that make you avoid it? 

Self-sabotage creates more resistance. Maybe you think you don’t deserve to spend time on and be nice to yourself. When was the last time you willingly nourished your emotional and spiritual well-being, taking time to get to know yourself in more depth? Thankfully these are patterns that can be unlearned. 

Resistance to what might come up

As you start any self-inquiry journey, it’s natural that you might be afraid of facing what you’ve been repressing. Taking a peek at what might be lurking under the rocks out there is no walk in the park and sometimes it feels safer to just leave it untouched.

A link to the full article is below

If you really want to work with your resistance I would recommend the book Tao of Allowing by G. P. Walsh. I would love to be able to put all he says up here but copywright won’t allow. I am not advertising this book in any way but what he says and what he asks you to do is all so understandable and makes you understand why you are as you are.

Good read

But what I have found is his you tube videos of Inner Reconciliation. Do work your way through them.

Just Allow it

A series of 8 – End suffering part 1

End Suffering Be Happy – part 2

End of Suffering – part 3

End of Suffering Be Happy – 4

End of Suffering Be Happy – part 5

End of Suffering Be Happy – part 6

End of Suffering – part 8

As usual if you choose to work with my experiences you must take full responsibility for you own health.

That’s enough for now – more later

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