We All Could Do With A Good Laugh

Laughter Therapy

Antidotes for Chimps

Laughter is a pleasant physical reaction consisting of rhythmical, often audible contractions of the diaphragm. (WIKI)

I wonder who thought to create Laughter Therapy. It is not a therapy I have used so am relying on Research Sal to give us some understanding of how it works. We all know a good laugh cheers us up, so back in the day, it was recommended to collect together loads of DVD’s or videos that were comical and would make you laugh to lift depression, exercise body inside and out and protect your heart. I have had a good laugh today choosing video links for this blog. Laughter therapy has moved on now to Laughter clubs and especially Laughter Yoga. I would say it would very hard to start with but they say a forced laugh is as good as the real thing.

Below are links to more information starting with Healthy Magazine then links to previous info on smiling for more reasons to laugh.

Healthy Magazine

Very Well Mind

Moving onto Laughter Yoga

Link to Smile and the whole word Smiles with You

Carry on from Challenging the Smile to try Laughter Therapy

And finally a Youtube video hopefully will make you laugh.

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