The Nagging Negative Cycle

Okay so here we are stuck in negativity mode. So what do we do …… we moan, nag, criticise and complain to all and sundry hoping for a reaction. We have this need within us to make sure people around us know we are not happy. You will get a reaction but I bet you it will not be the one you want. Actually it will be the totally opposite. To whomever you are nagging at will be turned off, turn away saying “oh no not again”! I have a lot of experience this conundrum to the point of turning myself off!

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Complaining – The expression or annoyance about something, to express grief, pain or discontent.

Nagging – Constantly harassing someone to do something.

Criticising – Indicate the faults of someone or something in a disapproving way. Pick holes in, malign or run down.

We all do one or other of the above if not all, depending the turn of your mind, but did you know that complaining is bad for your health according to science.

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No one likes to hang around someone who constantly whines and moans. If moaning has, unbeknown by you, become a habit it can have harmful consequences. It turns out constant complaining can bring your mood down and spoil the happiness of those around you, it can impact on your brain and body too.

5 things complaining does to us :-

  • It makes you more likely to think negatively (even more than you are already)
  • It can damage your memory
  • It increases your levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • It can shorten your lifespan
  • It makes people around you negative too.

Link to full article

Another article for you to read from Psychology Today carrying on with the topic Does complaining damage our health – link below

From the articles above they show how we react to moaning mentally. This article from Tiny Buddha explains what we do to ourselves and how to stop moaning.

Here is another more positive article from Tiny Buddha 10 ways to complain less and be happier.

And finally a tapping video from Brad Yates. Feeling sorry for myself. I do this quite often because he brings me up short making me realise what I am doing – throwing a pity party. The script makes you see how your behaviour looks in other peoples eyes.

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As usual if you choose to act on any of my experiences please take full responsibility for your own health.

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