You Live and Learn a little Everyday!

Still working with negativity and low mood I was researching why I felt so crap (sorry but the word really explains how I feel). It came to me through my deliberations that the way I feel isn’t new. Let me firstly point out it is the 26th March and the first day of spring has just bounced by and everything is glorious except me. I looked back in my mind and through my notebooks only to realise that this mood is recurring and as always, always blaming emotions and people for how I was feeling. Why was spring a recurring bad mood time? I asked google this and there it was SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Did you know it wasn’t just winter you can suffer from it but in spring and summer as well. This lifted my mood a bit. So perhaps I am not a manic depressive after all but have yet another dysfunction! I have placed some links on this topic below, I hope they help you if you are down in spring. Good reading.

Healthline – Spring Depression Symptoms…..

Huffington Post – Why Spring is just the worst time….

NIMH – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Healthline – Seasonal Depress…..

Finally a tapping script form Brad Yates


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