Not Just for Christmas

Bach Flower Remedy – Holly

Why is it you forget the good things and always remember the bad. A quirk of human nature I suppose or just being perverse. Fortunately for me I remembered Bach Flower Remedies. Wonderful little bottles full of Magic. I have used this remedy quite a few times because of bad experiences with people and reactions. I am using it now because my negativity was making me a bitter shrew.

The information below is taken from my bible –


Holly – A tree or shrub with glossy evergreen leaves and brilliant red berries, growing in woodlands and hedgerows. The symptoms for the use of Holly are Jealousy, distrust, feelings of hatred and envy at all levels.

  • Heart is hardened
  • unhappy, discontented
  • feelings of envy and hatred
  • fears one is being deceived
  • complains about others
  • a negative attitude to many things
  • frequently feels hurt or injured
  • super-sensitive
  • rage and anger
Magic in a Bottle

The drops from this little bottle will ease the hardness of the heart and lighten your mood to enable you to be more positive. Put a couple (or a few) in water and sip regularly until you feel lighter. You may even laugh.

As usual if act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

To work alongside Holly or on it’s own is Willow. The symptoms below show you are in the negative Willow state. After use a basically positive attitude and a lightness from the pain.

  • Embittered attitude
  • Blames circumstances on others
  • Always stresses on the negative
  • Morose, moody and touchy
  • Bad thoughts
  • Smoldering anger
  • Refuses to accept negativity as the problem
  • Use as above.
  • Please take full responsibility for your own health

Do try them they do work.

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