Hints and Tips to Breaking a Habit

It is 3 months now since I posted Happy New Year and I just want you to know I am a complete failure. Lasted 3 weeks if that. Do you know the silly thing is I could feel an improvement and was feeling good about it and then for some perverse reason I stopped!!!!!! And another thing. I have been planning a how to quit package for years, have I put all boxes together – no I have not. Hopefully through this topic I will get it together. All links on habits are mainly around quitting smoking. That’s because I know I struggled and I really want my son to stop. Not that he would listen to me or even think about trying tapping.

Addiction is a habit. Your mind causes the addiction, so it is not the addiction, say to smoking, that causes the craving it is the mind. The mind turns all thoughts to how much you want the cake, this causes the craving and so it goes on. Change the habit change the thoughts.

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I could spend hours rewriting info that people have already written but I won’t. Please read because it will help you. There is advertising linked to the blog alongside some Yin and Yang. As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Here’s the first link – Why You Shouldn’t Quit by Flowing Zen

The next link is from Natural Health Zone about how to break a habit. Follow it through to the end. There a lot of good tips here to help you quit your habit. At the bottom of the blog are more related topics which could help you build a quitting plan

As usual should you choose to act on my experiences please take full responsibility for your own health.

Go for it

You will be surprised. Pix

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