Fear and Us


Fear is a bottomless pit of emotion of which we all suffer from to one degree or other. It is inherited from our predecessors or learnt from our own actions. It is an intensely unpleasant emotion caused by perceiving or recognising a danger or threat and we live with it everyday. I know my life is lived around fear in everything I do.

As usual we can blame our little friend who sits up there, in our brain, working out ways to make us miserable, the amydala. He waits for new or remembered threat and kicks off a load of unpleasant reactions. (Fight or Flight). He accelerates breathing – causing ore fear due to hyperventilation. The heart rates goes causing panic, butterflies, goose bumps, stomach and bowel problems to name a few. All these together actually causes fear of fear, fear of the symptoms . I believe this where phobias and syndromes lie. It’s not the spider that is the problem it is the fear of feeling fear because of the spider. When you first saw the spider it very probably scared you. This has been remembered by our friend the amygdala and caused a repeat performance when next you saw one. Therefore you avoid spiders so you don’t get a replay of the fear. What to do? Unfortunately I have no answer for that. Knowledge is great confidence builder and understanding what is going on and how to handle it is a great relief.

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health. (disclaimer placed because of my fear of getting into trouble)

Below is the link to Very Well Mind that will give more clarity on this topic

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