Let your fingers do the writing……

Finger Writing.

To carry on the discussion of journaling, which has been delayed thanks to a very enjoyable visit by my sister and her little tyke. Apologies

Writing At Night It is said that before you settle down for sleep write down in your notebook all that has happened in your day, what’s happening tomorrow, have a good moan or tell of the gratitude you feel for how the day has gone. This release through writing will enable you to have a restful sleep. Good Luck.

But when the problem arises of when you are awake with your thought going round in circles. What do you do? Do you sit up, put the light on and write down the thoughts so to let them go. Very probably, being perverse, you don’t. You lie there with the thoughts raging. Here’s an idea try using your index finger! Write down on the back of your hand or on the sheet what is going on in your mind with your finger. Let it all out. It doesn’t disturb anyone but it helps you. This action is the same as writing with a pen and the result is the same.


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