Social Anxiety Job Done….

Well I did it. The Baby Shower happened and as usual it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had anticipated.

This post is about how to help yourselves pre event or social do. The main problem is as usual Anticipatory Anxiety, where you imagine all sorts of equations that could happen. Doing so, in actual fact, we are putting ourselves through the occasion we are worried about more times than we need. A type of self inflicted torture one could say. The terminology is self explanatory but I have this article from Very well Mind to help understand this problem

To help with feeling uncomfortable with the build up to the event you could use Mimulus. This is a Bach flower remedy which is for specific fears that can be named; shyness, timidity, afraid of the world. Also nervous in company, anxiety on meeting people and being unsure of yourself because of nerves. To use you can put a few drops into a glass of water and sip throughout the day until you feel better. To add to this you could use Honeysuckle. This releases the past so add a few drops to your mimulus. When you get nearer the event you may still be panicking Rescue Remedy come to the rescue. A few drops under the tongue or in water will calm the rising nerves. You can get this in a spray so you can use this quite discretely when you are out and about. For the event Rock Rose for fear. I actually transfer this to a bottle as this is easier to get access to the remedy.

Here is a tapping script to ease the anticipatory anxiety

There are also many essential oils to use for this anxiety. I had a mix made up for me for when I was traveling by my hypnotherapist. When using the oils you must use a carrier oil to mix the oils. Okay with sweet almond oil mix:

5 drops of roswood

3 drops of geranium

5 sweet orange

3 rose otto.

Pour into a unbreakable bottle. Place a few drops on a tissue and place in your sleeve and sniff to your hearts content.

‘As usual if you act on my advice you must take full responsibility for your own health’.

To save time and repetition Very Well Mind has a list of oils for calming the nerves.

Aromatherapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

There are ways of using acupressure to calm you down in situations where you don’t want to be.

Pericardium 6. Place gentle pressure on you inner arm, centrally, about 2 finger width up from the crease of the wrist. Gently massage. Calming

Pericardium 7 can also be used. Press centrally on the crease of the wrist.

And best of all pericardium 8 is the best of all. Found in your palm. ( see image above. Clasp your hand and you will find this point under your middle finger. Press with other hand, probably the thumb, so when you are chatting and feeling very uncomfortable you can look very casual while pressing the point. (See below)

Yoga medicine

And for the moment you could also try the Japanese method of clasping each finger in turn. You don’t need to count just move around to each finger in turn. Very calming.

Understanding Compassion

All above are ways for you to help yourself. As always keep part of your attention on the emotion in hand. Please try.

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

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