SAD – Social Anxiety Disorder

This is not a topic I can admit to knowing all that much about it except I have got it! That is why Iam going to have to say Lockdown , in a perverse sort of way, suited me. I could stay in my comfort zone with no pressure to socialize. I am going out on Sunday, me on my own. So what I hear you say. Well so far (friday) my thoughts are extreme. Where is the car park? Where will I park? How will I find them? Who will I sit with? Will I make a fool of myself? Here I am 68 years old getting in a tiz about going to a baby shower.

Never being a one to put myself forward I know when my social anxiety started. Staff Parties. Everyone always went, always saying you must come and then don’t speak to you when you were there. Feeling nervous – have a drink before you go – still feeling nervous – drink when you are there – end of evening SLOSHED, making the fool of yourself that you didn’t want to do in the first place. Stopped going. Every social event I go to now, even sometimes family events, cause me grief.


There are ways to help yourself. I have found some very good articles on this topic, the third one especially. I have also some of Brad Yates Tapping on this subject to link into the articles.

NHS Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Psychology Today

Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder One Step at a Time – Tapping

Here are some Tapping scripts to help you release the fear, All of which I am going to use before Sunday. Cool, Calm and Confident


As usual you must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to act on my experiences.

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