The Fear of Rejection

Follow on from Obsessing – Revelation

After reading the article from Harley Therapy I feel lot lighter about things. So what if this particular person doesn’t like me as a I perceive she doesn’t. I now know it really isn’t a mega issue. Trying to impress, trying over hard to please must be very irritating. Trying to prove how good I am at things. They don’t need to know that. I understand where I have been coming from and I am moving on. I don’t really know where this yet another fear came from. It must have developed over the years and now I even feel uncomfortable with my own children. What to do —Read.


I know everyone wants action when dealing with an anxiety problem. Something like a white little pill to take away the emotion and pain. Reading is our little pill. Yes reading about your problem is very important and can be life changing. I certainly know researching this topic for you has been very enlightening and uplifting because I now understand why!!!

The blog articles I am sharing with you are very good. Please read them.

Only YOU can help yourself

As usual if you choose to act on my experiences you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Lonewolf. Do read it and be inspired

Very Well Mind Again very interesting

Here is a tapping script to release the association of fear.

Heather Ambler – Painful feelings about rejection

Good Luck Hope you feel better soon.


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