Feeling Insecure

John Hain Pixabay

Yet again I was throwing a pity party all because my husband wanted to play cards with his mates. Said some silly things, now feeling silly and stupid. I am so insecure, being threatened by a game of cards. That’s the story of my life. Insecurity makes you act irrationally, especially in a relationship. You want to keep them close whilst in actual fact you are pushing them away, making you and them resentful and trapped. This is my personal experience but here are some links to Professionals that can help you understand insecurity if this would be helpful to you.

Signs of Insecurity by WEBMD

Psychology Today

Tony Robbins.com – Insecurity

Vitality Village

Brad Yates Tapping – feeling insecure

Tapping Solution – You Are Enough

Link to Self Doubt

Link to Self Doubt rebooted

If you choose to act from these links you must take full responsibility for you own actions and health.

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