Challenging the Smile

From Thesaurus Plus

How to help yourself WITH A SMILE

When I went for help for all my problems this was one of the first tasks I was asked to try. SMILE. The advice given was to put smiley faces all around my home, in the car, my bag, work station, anywhere that I went to. Simply all you have to do is smile back at the smiley face. It does make you feel better. I still use smiley faces especially by my bed, smiling in the morning starts the day well. (Dr. John Brazier – KORE THERAPY)

Then I had to move onto smiling into a mirror 50 plus times a day. Very hard but give it a go. It helps

Then from smiling in mirrors I had to smile at myself in a mirror looking into my eyes and say something good about myself. Has to be done every time you pass a mirror. This is very good for low self esteem as well as brightening the mood. To begin with this task was very, very hard to do so good luck and persevere.

As well as the challenges above here are few more smile challenges to help make your smile more permanent and feel better and more confident with your life.

From Henry – smile

Try a Smile Challenge

World Smile Day is celebrated the first Friday of October. The holiday was created by Harvey Ball who developed the iconic yellow smiley image. This artist believed that you could improve the world one smile at a time.

To start flexing your smile muscles more often, try one of these fun smile challenges at home or work.

  • Post-It-Note Challenge – Gather 10-20 colorful post-it notes and write down people, places or things that make you smile. Stick the post-it-notes someplace you’ll see every morning to start your day.
  • Social Media Smile Collage – Create a smile collage and post it on social media – include your favorite smile, a picture smiling with friends and a picture of an activity or place that makes you smile.
  • Waiting Challenge – Catch yourself in a moment where you are waiting – whether it’s in traffic or at the grocery store. Stop and smile. See if others smile back.
  • 19 Challenge – Did you know that scientist have calculated that there are 19 types of smiles? How many do you have? Take pictures of your different smile and capture those of friends, colleagues and family members.

From Very Well Mind – Smile more for Health, Happiness and Longevity. Please note this article comes under SELF IMPROVEMENT.

One final note for voting for smiling is it tones up your face. Using the cheek muscle to smile will strengthen and tone the face.

Muscles used to smile: From juniordentist .com

  • Zygomaticus major – 2 muscles draw the angle of mouth upward.
  • Zygomaticus minor – 2 muscles draw the angle of mouth upward.
  • Orbicularis Oculi – 2 muscles, these are used to close eyelids.
  • Levator Labii superioris – 2 muscles raise the upper lip.
  • COO that’s a lot of exercise.
  • Let’s all feel happier
  • Let’s smile at at ourselves and others. Have fun

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