I now know where my fear of failure (unable to put myself forward) comes from. It is not from my early years but later in life. I failed all my o’levels and didn’t do to well second time round. This might of phased my parents but for some strange reason, not me. I then went to college and came out with a Distinction in Dental Nursing, plus a couple of top grade o’levels. I was really chuffed and felt I had really achieved something at last. Empowered at the fact I had seemingly found my niche I talked about training to be a Dentist. My father’s reaction was I don’t think you can do it. He said retaking o’levels, then doing A levels never mind five years training, you’ll never do it.

I accepted this as what seemed a natural comment, so lowered my sites to being a Dental Hygienist but never went for it. I was talking of emigrating to Canada but never went for it and so it carries on. I have gained a lot of qualifications on the way but not the confidence/courage to make full use of them until now. With Tapping I am slowly moving forward.

Slowly slowly catchee monkey

Anyway enough of me below are the links to blogs and articles that will help you understand yourself better, hopefully. Also of course a tapping script or two. As usual you mast take full responsibility for your own health.

I can really go with this – Why you have the fear of failure

The Psychological Fear of Failure

4 indicating signs you have fear of failure in business

EFT with Brad Yates

The Tapping Solution

I do hope you find these useful and they help you can move forward. I have more links if you should want them. let me know. email below or use contact page on home page

If you would like to share your thoughts or tell us your experiences of fear of failure please contact me. chilton.sally@yahoo.com

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