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I think I am OBSESSED with trying to earn some money. I spend so much time thinking about and searching for ways of making money I’m not actually doing anything positive. I have skills, why am I not working with them.

Over Thinking

Light bulb moment


This not about money, well it is a bit, well, actually a lot! This is about decision making. All these thoughts, ideas and plans are all put off because iI don’t have the nerve to decide. So at the and of the day I am procrastinating and prevaricating because I’m scared. Fear of making the actual decision, then fear of actually succeeding and of course fear of failure.

What to do? TAP of course

Fear of making a decision

Financial Fear (worry and stress about not having enough money)

Release the Fear of putting yourself out there.- Overwhelm to Empowerment

When Tapping do make sure you focus inside on the fear and stress before you tap. Drink water and relax.

Oh and by the way I did make a decision. I went and made a card.

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