Feeling a Failure cntd.

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Feeling a failure, I am sure is linked to seeking approval. If you feel you haven’t done well in the task you set yourself you won’t get the approval you were seeking. Example – I make and sell cards and have decided to set up on my own instead of selling through ebay etc. I would say, because of putting this pressure on myself I have become very critical of my work and of myself. So I am not moving forward, feeling a failure, also not getting the buzz of selling a card. Seeking approval.

Link to Seeking Approval

Again the feeling of failure could well have started back in the day when every time you achieved something you thought was great you never got the reaction you expected from carer, school, family or friends, making the achievement something of no import. So feeling a failure you slowly give up trying. It is easy to feel a failure mainly because there are so many people around us who we PERCEIVE are better than us in all we do (Low self esteem). Feeling a failure we always give up or miss opportunities because we say we are not good enough (self doubt). And of course in our usual mindful way we turn our feelings of being a failure into yet another fear. Fear of success, fear of putting yourself out there or just fear of moving out of your comfort zone. to be continued.

Again I have a list of tapping meditations for your use. I have found a couple of the scripts emotional but tears are healing. As usual you must take full responsibility for your own health.

Tapping Points

You are enough – The Tapping Solution

Thinking/Feeling you are are not good enough

Feeling like I am failing

Fear of Failure

Part of me feels broken, a bonus tapping script from the book Be Your Magnificent Self by Nick Ortner. A very good read.

There are many more so contact me if you need help.

The book 21 Days to Be Your Magnificent Self by Nick Ortner is a very inspirational and working through it makes you feel good.

A good read.

Link to Feeling a Failure

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