People Pleasing

I think People Pleasing is appropriate to run alongside seeking approval. The need to please is like a compulsion for some people and again it is done to receive a feeling of well being. I even find myself wanting to help strangers in the street but I do manage to refrain, they would probably think I was nuts. I now know, through my work, that my need to please stems from my childhood. Being a member of a large family, all with their own vital characters, I think I decided to help or please as a way of getting attention. One of my first memories is being flicked affectionately on the chin by my mother, while she was telling my grandmother what a helpful child I was. All for ironing some handkerchiefs. I still love ironing hankies.

I have just found a new link for trying to understand the difference between People pleasing or just being kind. Good topic,

I have learnt that pleasing people is hard work and you end up full of resentment, anger and feeling so unappreciated. I have found a couple of interesting articles to help you understand why, how and what to do. Also as usual there will be a couple of links to tapping scripts to release the need to please.

Please take full responsibility for your own health

 Use EFT To Release the Anxiety of People Pleasing – The Tapping Solution

Tapping with Brad Yates

The need to impress – Brad Yates

Being different to please others – Brad Yates

This article may help you from Healthline

Loads on here from VeryWell mind

And to round up a good Book by Patrick King

One to Read

Go on and please yourself.

4 thoughts on “People Pleasing

  1. I need to stop people pleasing, I never do , think about myself, I don’t even know how or what I like for myself because I always do help others, so sad , it’s like like I have or don’t have a life, I don’t even know what I like or what I like to do please help! thanks


    1. Hi Nora sorry to hear that all is so hard. For the moment I can only say do have a look at the links on the blog. If you feel unsure about tapping (emotional freedom technique) you could read up on how it works on the blog Why tapping works then just follow the actions on the video. It is very relaxing and works as long as you focus deeply on your emotion. By the way you write I wonder if you have ever researched about being a Highly Sensitive person. I am going to do an article on this in the near future. But if you need information sooner please let me know.
      As usual if you choose to tap you must take full responsibility for your own health.
      Do have ago, just giving yourself something to work towards will help.


    2. Hi found this for you to try
      Though it’s taken me many years to figure this out, I now feel that when using EFT on your own (as opposed to working with an EFT practitioner), one of the most powerful ways to proceed is by combining it with journaling. That’s because what you are, in essence, doing, is creating your very own customized tapping script. Every statement is tailored to your life, and your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about it.
I love ready-made tapping scripts, and a lot of people, including me, find them ver
— Read on
Copy and paste the web link .
      Good luck


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