Easing Stress and Adrenal Burnout

You must take full responsibility for your own health.

We all need support through stress, hoping it will go away won’t work. When researching they all say diet, exercise and meditation. To my mind that just adds to stress and the feeling of failure. I am not sure why but I have always turned to the gentle, natural way of dealing with my anxiety, stress whatever and the first aid I came across wasRescue Remedy from Bach Flower Remedies. It contains Star of Bethlehem for trauma, Rock Rose for fear, Impatiens for irritability and tension, Cherry Plum for fear of control and Clematis for fear of passing out. Rescue Remedy is an overall calmer downer and I take it with me wherever I go to the point of panic if I don’t have it with me. Use it whenever you are feeling yourself getting wound up, fearful or stressed. You cannot overdose with this. by putting a few drops under the tongue will give relief. You can also buy it in a spray bottle making sure you are getting the original Bach remedy not a copy.

Along side Rescue Remedy you can use:-

Vervain for calming over breathing, feeling highly strung and tightness in the chest.

Pine for self reproach , guilt and despondency.

Olive for feeling completely exhausted, physical and mental fatigue.

Oak for someone who is exhausted and brought down but who struggles on and never gives up.

Impatiens for someone who is irritable and has excessive reactions to certain situations, everything winds you up.

(See tapping links below)

Put a few drops of these in a glass of water and sip during the day. Repeat as necessary until you suddenly realize you are feeling better.

As another back up there are Essential oils. So many of them support a body with stress and anxiety i am only telling you of the ones I use. There is more shown in the article from Healthline (link below).

Firstly there is Lavender. Well known but works. Blend it with geranium and sandalwood to aid with depression or just use it on it’s own. Diffuser, bath, drops on tissue but never use it on skin without a carrier oil like almond oil. this applies to all oils.

Geranium which is balancing helping with mood swings and anxiety. Revitalizes.

Benzoin. Very warming and uplifting. good for low spirits.

Bergamont which is calming but yet uplifting. Good for depression and anxiety.

Here is a link to a more extensive list than mine form Healthline

Here are some calming acupoints to use

Calming Acupoints.

Another very good point to use for calming the mind, anxiety, stress, sleep and fear is Pericardium 8. This is found in the palm of either hand. When the fingers are clenched the point is where the middle finger rests.

Pericardium 8

Tapping (EFT) is also very good for calming stress. Follow the links below for a few very good scripts for you to follow:- The Tapping Solution – From Overwhelm to Calm

This one is brilliant. Just listening to it explains stress.

Brad Yates Overwhelm

Brad Yates Clearing stress and constricted breathing.

Good Luck

Adrenal Fatigue

John Hopkins Medicine

I am not very knowledgeable about this topic of which I call Burnout so for your information I have found info on this from the endocrine site (glands) and also from a Traditional Chinese Medicine site.

Love the Five Seasons Medicine page. It is a mine of information

As always you must take full responsibility if you choose to work with my experiences. This is a guide.

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