The 9 Gamut Procedure

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Taken from the book Tapping the Healer Within by Roger Callahan.

The founder of Thought Field Therapy

The Gamut Spot was used in the video for Collarbone Breathing so I thought that you would like to know what exactly it is. Tapping on this spot will control your fear but its main use is in the 9 Gamut Series.

Placed on either hand in the web just above the knuckle. Triple Warmer 3

The Gamut Procedure is actually a really weird exercise you do when tapping. Not only does it involve tapping on acupoints but includes eye movement as well as humming and counting. The eye is an extension of the brain. Dr Callahan believed that each eye movement may access a different area of the brain. Some research shows, for example, that when the eyes are open the back of the eye receives relatively great stimulation; when they are closed, the front of the brain is more stimulated. Eye movements have been used in other health related disciplines such as NLP and EMDR. Paul McKenna uses tapping and the Gamut Spot in his work as well. Certain eye movements allow access to particular memories and Roger Callahan recognized that the position of the eye could diagnose /reveal a hidden blockage. He also discovered that tapping on the gamut spot while moving the eyes in particular ways could contribute to the collapsing of a blockage, immediately minimizing or eradicating the emotional or psychological problem.

The humming and counting from the exercise are designed to activate the right and left brain respectively allowing them to work together. Theoretically the right side of the brain is being receptive to treatment by the humming and tapping and the left hand side of the brain is receptive through counting and tapping.

The 9 Gamut Series

While tapping on the Gamut spot starting with eyes closed:

  1. Open the eyes
  2. Close the eyes
  3. Open the eyes and look down to the left
  4. Now look down to the right
  5. Roll the eyes in a circular motion first the the left
  6. Roll the eyes in a circular motion then to the right – rest the eyes
  7. Continuing to tap hum a few bars of any tune aloud (happy birthday)
  8. Count aloud from one to five
  9. Hum the tune again

In modern times this exercise is not being used by the big names in tapping but really the tapping sequence should run script – 9 gamut – script – eye roll.

The Eye Roll

Roger Callahan also used the floor to ceiling eye roll at the end of each treatment because it solidifies the improvement from tapping. Firstly look up and then tapping on the gamut spot look down.

Found this video from Dawson Church on this topic.

I have found more information on the workings of the right and left side of the brain if you are interested.

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