Negativity Bias – Psychological Reversal.

The river is flowing gently down the stream, all is calm. The river becomes blocked so the river turns and flows backwards. This is the Law of Reversal. You become a Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll loves. Hyde hates. The backward flow of the river becomes destructive and you start to pull down what you have built up. When you are reversed everything is turned upside down, you are in a state of perversion, acting against your own wishes, you throw the baby out with the water. In reversal, in it’s simplest form, you feel out of sorts, battling through life. Nothing ever works.

When you are challenging yourself or whenever you are thwarted you have reversal coming from lack of liberty, you think I can’t do what I want or I have to do what I don’t want. In reversal you do the opposite to what you want. Thinking of giving up smoking, you end up smoking more than normal. Not going to drink today, you end up having more than normal. No cakes today, you end up with cakes and biscuits as well.

This is our battle, trying to do good when our mind is saying no. This is not, to our minds way of thinking, destructive action, it has gone into PROTECTIVE MODE. The mind wants us staying the way we are because it feels it is safer for us to stay the way we are. Moving forward is new territory which it doesn’t like. Think about this and understand because this is the cause of failure.

The links below are all about Psychological Reversal from HIGHCCHANNEL 1 – 4.

Relax and listen

Below is an article from EMOFREE. More information for you on PR.


The link below is very important as it allows you to clear the reversal by tapping. This will need to be done frequently if you are starting a quest.


Follow the link above with the link below. It sounds weird as it is about Collarbone Breathing. Helpful in turning your reversal.

Link to The 9 Gamut Procedure

Link to Negativity Bias Perverse

The link to Negativity Bias – Procrastination

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