I do hope you all had a good time over the festive season. We had such a build up to Christmas, I am all for moving on now. I’m not a one for New Year resolutions but this year I know I need to work on myself. Lock down made me into a very lazy, perverse person. I have developed a Lock down tummy through not exercising and drinking to much. My skin is poor, aging very quickly because I haven’t looked after it. But can I be bothered no.

Oh I so want to help myself and you out there who want to quit a bad habit and want help and support doing it. What I am doing is compiling a method using tapping and acupressure to help me and you to work through the hard times of breaking a habit. We will learn to learn how our minds resist every positive action and use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to overcome this and move forward, supported by acupressure for the difficult times.

I been researching this topic for quite awhile now and feel it is time to put it into action and hope between us we will complete a foolproof method for quitting negative habits.

Lets do it!

You must take full responsibility for your own health.

email: chilton.sally@yahoo.com

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