Negativity Bias – Being Perverse

I know I have touched on this topic before but I feel it also belongs under this title because we all feel perverse at some time or other.

Being perverse is showing a deliberate and obstructive desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable or acceptable. We deliberately turn away from what is right and good. Willfully determined or disposed to go counter to what is expected or desired.

As in the tapping sequence following on from this description we know we shouldn’t eat that cake but we do. We know we shouldn’t drink /smoke but we do. It is really weird,in every walk of life we try to spoil it.

Example – I know I am getting a big spot on my chin. Have I done anything about it. It’s easy to put some rescue Remedy or lavender on it but do I? NO

We can turn this round.

Try the tapping sequence below. Feel the emotion. I hope you can relate to the words.

Tapping Points

Starting at the Eyebrow

EB I know I should exercise but I don’t

SE I know I should eat better but I don’t

UE I know my cigarettes are bad for me and I should quit but I don’t

UN I know I should be happy but I’m not

UM I know I am making myself sad

CB Being perverse

UA Making my world black

TH Making everything negative

EB Throwing one big pity party

SE Letting it all carry on

UE Fear and apathy rule my life

UN Rejecting all that is right and good

UM Being perverse

CB I need to turn this around

UA I need to let it go

TH This annoying, obstructive way of acting

EB Clear the block

SE Fight the hand of fear stuck inside me

UE Always there

UN Grabbing me at every positive, joyful turn

UM Pulling me back from moving forward

CB Pulling me back from that which is good and right for me

UA Always there

TH Stopping the joy

EB Stopping positivity

UE Stopping motivation

UN Stopping success

UM This hand holding onto fear, anger, resentment

CB This hand inside me

UA Seeing it now

TH So strong, causing pain

EB It’s time to release this hand

SE Releasing it’s hold in my chest

UE Releasing it’s troublesome grip

UN Letting it go

UM Giving it back to its’ owners

CB From way back when

TH Who felt I needed them

EB These are their thoughts and actions -not mine

SE Releasing their hold

UE Moving into positivity

UN Finding happiness

UM Finding success

UA Being the me that was lost on the way

TH Being the me that I should be.

Have a drink of water, relax. You can go about your business and see what happens. If there is no improvement on your thoughts repeat. Patience

As always you must take full responsibility for your own health.

NB The statements mentioning people from the past will be followed up by the topic

Inter generational trauma.

Bach Flower Remedies – Being perverse – Scleranthus and Hornbeam

Hornbeam is connected to the soul potential of inner vitality of mind. In the negative Hornbeam state one feels great weariness and exhaustion though this is largely in the mind. Feels deprived of vigour. (Metchild Scheffer) In the POSITIVE state you will find a lively mind, be sure one will be able to master the tasks ahead.

Scleranthus – in the negative state you are indecisive, erratic, lacking inner balance on opinions and ideas. The moods change from moment to moment. In the POSITIVE state you gain the power of concentration and determination, versatility and flexibility making correct decisions instantaneously.

Put a few drops of each, plus some mustard for lifting the mood, and sip throughout the day. Continue til you feel better

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