In a Pickle!

Over the last two or so days I have got myself into a right pickle.

My Chimp stirring me up.

My overactive mind stirring me up night and day. It is an on going problem that most of the time I can control but for some reason it overwhelmed me. I was making myself fearful of the future, doubting all the things I am trying to succeed at. I was throwing a right royal pity party.

I love this expression. It is so true. I applied Brad Yates tapping video Feeling Sorry for Myself. This script really makes you think about what you are doing to yourself and others around you.

The problem is still there but it was the way I was thinking about it that brought on panic and fear. What if’s took over. Finding ways to deal with the problem is better than overthinking the issue.

We are in control not the chimp!

Externalise and Distract

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