The Moods of the Moon

Does The Moon Affect Your Moods?

The Full Moon affects our bodies as it affects the oceans. This is because our bodies are made up proportionally of so much water so it is easy to understand the moons pull on us as in the tides. When the moon is full that is the high tide of our emotions.

I know the moon affects my moods and I now make sure I have a calendar that shows the moons cycle. I am also going to be keeping a sleep diary to see if my bad nights coincide with the waxing and waning of the moon. Below are links to two very interesting articles on the moon and its moodiness. – Scroll down for a couple of seconds the article is there. Apologies for adverts. – enjoy

I have put together a tapping script to help us overcome the pull of the moon. It is short but it works. Ready for you for next month

The Tapping Points

You must take full responsibility for your own health if you choose to tap.
Focus on your emotions and rate the intensity between 1 – 10. 10 being the highest. Starting on the side of the hand – the Karate Chop

Even though the full moon affects my body I love and respect myself.

Even though the full moon pulls me as the tides I truly love myself and accept how I feel.

Even though the full moon gives us the high tide of our emotions I accept how I feel.

Moving to the tapping sequence – tapping gently on each point –

EB The full moon expands and magnifies

SE. The full moon expands my moods

UE. Making me feel everything more intensely

UN. Maybe good

UM. Maybe bad

CB. Depending on my state of mind

UA. The full moon rises

TOH. Illuminating awareness

EB. Illuminating realisation

SE. Shaking up the routine

UE. Making me moody

UN. Making me sad

UM. Can’t stop the moon rising

CB. Can’t stop the agitation

UA. The sadness and negativity

TOH. The excess emotions

EB. Being at the mercy of the moon

SE. The secretive moon

UE. But what if I can control me

UN. What if I can beat the moon

UM. What if I can beat the moods

CB. Understand

UA. Become aware

TOH. Take a step backwards

EB. Know what’s happening

SE. Be in control

UE. Turn my mood around

UN. Smile

UM. Laugh

CB. Beat the moon

UA. Smile at the moon

TOH Be in control

EB. I choose calmness

SE. I choose happiness

UE. I release these moods

UN. I release the sadness and negativity

UM. I am in control

CB. The tides will turn

UA. All will pass

TOH. All will be well

Written by Tapping4u

Reassess the emotion again after a couple of minutes. Hopefully lower. Carry on about your business, you will notice at some point your mood has lifted. You can do this tapping sequence as often as you like.


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