Self Doubt/Self Sabotage

I am really struggling getting going on these topics mainly because I am not feeling confident in passing on advice as I have great doubt in myself – my mind does everything it can to stop me being me!

There is so much out there, written, videoed and spoken that we all should be confident and putting ourselves out there but even though you know you should do this and should do that we don’t, because at the end of the day, we are all held back by FEAR!

Very probably, because of a previous negative experience which our dear friend the Amygdala remembers and won’t let us forget, we have lack of confidence, feelings of not being good enough, fear of failure/success, low self esteem and just plain fear.

These feelings lead onto self sabotage where we actively or passively prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. We allow apathy, procrastination, we become perverse and have what is termed psychological reversal. I personally haven’t succeeded in overcoming all my demons and I am 68, but have had strength on the way to do things I have feared all my life such as flying.

Self help is the key. You can read about the above topics til your blue in the face but there is only one thing that can help and that is YOU. I have lots of resources to work with and will slowly share these with you soon.

Well here’s and example – I was working away trying to make up my mind whether to press the switch to draft button when something went wrong with computer loosing an hours work all because I was worried about the switch to draft button. AND the other day I was using a different garage for petrol, this fact alone made me nervous, the pumps were different and I ended up, through indecision and doubt, putting the wrong petrol in my car!!! All these little incidents make you feel rubbish especially when you go home and your partner reacts as if the car is going to blow up and basically tell you how hopeless you are!

Here is an example of how self doubt/sabotage can start. Taken from a chapter in EFT for sensitive people.

I was the middle child who didn’t quite measure up to the other members of the family. Often ignored, humored, my little achievements dismissed. Whilst I was not mistreated or neglected in any major way the lack of attention and validation culminated overtime made me feel like a general disappointment as a human being. Inadequate.

When I went to see a counselor she kept referring to my childhood and I actually got quite cross. How dare she imply my childhood was the problem, but from doing my psychology course and lots of research actually it is. I can so relate with the chapter above.

So for you to heal yourself here are some links.

You must take responsibility for your own health.

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