Panic Attack/Hyperventilation

Externalise and Distract

From The Choice Embrace the Possible by Dr Edith Eva Eger

Feelings no matter how powerful, aren’t fatal, they are temporary. Suppressing the feelings only makes it harder to let them go. Expression is the opposite if depression.

Breathing badly can be a major cause of anxiety even leading to a full blown panic attack. Panic Attacks are horrible and because of this we fear them, adding anticipatory anxiety to our collection.

It is IMPORTANT for us to understand what is happening to us and why, the less fear we have. Do read on about Hyperventilation because that is what is happening to you. You may feel like you cant breathe, your heart is pumping, sweating and dizzy. Externalize and distract. Focus on something stationary, try to describe it to yourself, breath out then cup your hand over the nose and mouth for a few minuets. All will be well. Once you learn to control your attacks the less you will have.


This is said from personal experience.


Hyperventilation is a big whammy for those with anxiety. Here I must state that hyperventilation can be a medical problem but can also be dealt with by self help at home You must take full responsibility for your own health. In doubt please consult a doctor. Below are a couple of links that gives you full information about hyperventilation.

Question: Does anxiety cause hyperventilation or does hyperventilation cause anxiety?

My answer is yes to the latter in my case. In my own personal experience it can make anxiety so much worse without you realizing you are actually hyperventilating.

Personally I am prone to hyperventilating at a drop of a hat, all because of bad breathing, forgetting to breath, over breathing and also food reactions.Over the years I have mistaken the sensations of hyperventilation as anxiety, insanity, fear……

I cant remember why I had a light bulb moment but I suddenly realized what was going on. This sensation in my inner core, feeling wound up, tight throat, anxiety and fear was my fault by bad breathing causing my blood to be out of sync. Hyperventilation is caused by, as I said, bad breathing causing the blood to have too much oxygen and a lack of carbon di oxide causing the sensations of shortness of breath etc. Our reaction is to breath deeply but in reality the first reaction should be to BREATH OUT.

As stated in the links above it is important to regain the balance between oxygen and carbon di oxide. I am sure everyone has heard of breathing into the paper bag but also cupped hand over the nose and mouth. You are re breathing your breath which holds the carbon di oxide you are exhaling. This regains calm.

My first source of regaining calm was/is Bach flower Remedy Vervain. This flower remedy is for over enthusiasm. This has helped me through so very many scary anxious moments.

Bach Original Flower Remedies Vervain 20ml | Holland & Barrett

I now know that my anxiety is exasperated by my hyperventilation or visa versa my hyperventilation is the cause of my anxiety. I find this in its self very reassuring. So at night when my amygdala is winding me up I use cupped hands and/or Bach Rescue Remedy.

I’m stopping for awhile as as always I hyperventilate when working on a computer

( over enthusiasm). Also got a headache so going to get a drink of water. More info to come.

  1. Hyperventilation is a condition where you where you breath very fast – overbreathing.
  2. When Hyperventilating you upset the balance between breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon di oxide.
  3. Low carbon di oxide leads to narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.
  4. Some people hyperventilate rarely, generally to a panicked response, stress or fear.
  5. In others the condition occurs as a response to emotional states such as anxiety or anger.
  6. If hyperventilation occurs regularly it is called Hyperventilation Syndrome.
  7. Hyperventilation can be a serious issue. Seek medical help if your first attack or serious trouble breathing.
  8. The above taken from
  9. Hyperventilation means moving more air through the chest so that the body can deal with a normal reaction to sudden danger or excitement.
  10. Over breathing can become a habit as a response to prolonged stress or tension.
  11. CO2 is a powerful governor of many of the body’s systems as well as blood flow to the brain.
  12. The body becomes more alkaline and the nerve cells are the first to respond to this. Dizziness, tingling or numbness are often first signs.
  13. The nervous system is affected, low co2 stimulates the sympathetic nervous system overriding to parasympathetic , putting the body on constant alert.
  14. Lactic acid may be produced to balance PH levels. Muscles will ache.
  15. Exhaustion and chronic tiredness follows with feelings of physical and mental depression, typical in cases of long term hyperventilation.
  16. Muscle cells become more twitchy, gut tightens, increase release of histamines aggravating allergic response.
  17. Heart pounds, panic sets in, over breathing – hyperventilation enforced.
  18. Points 9-17 taken from Self help for Hyperventilation Syndrome by Dinah Bradley. A very helpful book. Well worth a read if you are a over breather.

Breath in down to the belly button, tummy expands. Exhale longer than the inhale, tummy goes in.

Homecare – Acupressure and EFT

Hyperventilation can be a serious issue and should be taken very seriously. Seek medical help if worried. You must take responsibility for your own health if you home care. As mentioned before breathing into a paper bag for a few minuets or cupped hands helps. Diaphragm breathing.

Diaphragm Breathing. – image Optimal Breathing

Tapping works well to calm hyperventilation. Doing a sequence of tapping is calming in it’s own right but also while you are doing the mechanics of the tapping sequence your mind is diverted away from the symptoms felt whilst hyperventilating. Here is a script from Brad Yates. He is a well known EFT tapper and is on You Tube with many other topics.

I have also written a script which I use when realising I am breathing badly.

Tapping Script for Constricted Breathing

Really focus on your symptoms while you tap around the sequences. Feel what you are tapping on and then you will feel the relaxation coming on.

Repeat as many times as you need. Please check with your doctor if you are worried about your symptoms. Hyperventilation is a medical problem. Click the links at the beginning of this article for more info on this topic.

To begin tap on the side of the hand (karate chop) whilst repeating the setup statement focusing on the emotion in hand. Start the tapping sequences at the corner of the eyebrow near the bridge of the nose, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under mouth, collarbone, under arm and top of the head. Feel free to change the script to work with your own particular symptoms. Totally focus on your symptoms whilst doing this script. Drink water before and after. Dehydration effects the bodies energies and tapping may not work.

Set Up statement

Even though I am hyperventilating because I am breathing badly I truly love and accept how I feel

Even though I have constricted breathing in my chest area I truly love and accept myself

Even though I am hyperventilating because of breathing badly I truly love and accept myself

EB           Constricted breathing

SE           I feel it in my chest

UE          This tightness in my throat

UN         This constricted breathing

UM        Breath feels tight

CB          This constricted breathing

UA          In my chest area

TOH       In my throat

EB           Feeling anxious

SE           Feeling really anxious

UE          Heart is pumping

UN         Breathing badly

UM        I can relax these feelings

CB          I can release the tightness

UA          I can calm the heart

TOH       I can calm the breath

EB           Opening my throat

SE           Releasing the tightness

UE          Loosening the constriction in my chest

UN         Calming the heart

UM        Breathing slowly

CB          Breathing out deeply

UA          Relaxing

TOH       Relaxing

I have chosen to put this meditation from Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution

From Fear to Worry and Peace. This will help.

To work alongside the tapping script above I have put together a table with the acupressure points I have researched and used for my hyperventilation. As with tapping you must focus on your sensations while you press each acupoint. Sitting quietly, working gently while your constricted breathing eases. So for example do around on acupressure especially the CV17, then a round or two of tapping and focus on seeing how your are feeling, if still a bit constricted repeat.

Again you must take responsibility for your own health. If in doubt see a medical practitioner.

I have just found this link in my bookmarks. More points for calming anxiety.

Points for Panic.

Conception Vessel -CV17 – found mid center of the chest. Deals with asthma symptoms, wheezing, constricted breathing and palpitations.

CV 17

Governing Vessel 24.5, Yin Tang, Third Eye – fright/palpitations/calming –

Extra point –
GV 24.5

Pericardium 6, 7, 8 – all three points are very calming, use in order.

Pericardium 6,7 and 8

Heart 7 – found below the inner corner of the palm – hysteria/palpitations/calming.


Large Intestine 4 – for all things in the upper body, very good for flying, calming

Large Intestine 4

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